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The photo was removed for 'violence and incitement.'
So, the other day Cole Sprouse was minding his own business and decided to hop online and share an Instagram photo of his girlfriend Ari Fournier. Simple! Casual! No bigs! But then the photo was removed after fans reported it for, uh, "
Recreate the same vibe for your Insta!
Here at, we have a ~*series*~ where we help you figure out the exact poses, filters, poses, and elements that your fave celebs and influencers use for their Insta. Previously, we have decoded the grids of Nadine Lustre, Julia Barretto,
It's about time, you guys.
Have you ever posted a Story on Instagram, wanting to direct your friends and followers to another link, only to remember that you need a pesky 10,000 followers to use the "Swipe Up" button? It's a classic and frustrating
Influencers need to file for two types of taxes: income and business.
The Bureau of Internal Revenue issued Revenue Memorandum Circular 97-2021 earlier this month. The circular essentially clarifies the income generated by social media influencers, or those who are earning by producing content through online platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok,
The more texture, the better.
I'm telling you, posing against the wall is the easiest way to make your Insta feed more interesting. Your photos would have ~*texture*~ and have an interesting background. Tiles, pebbles, graffiti, bricks, and even light and shadow play add an
The BFFs recently hang out together!
Our Instagram feed this week is filled with Korean celebrity BFF interactions and we love it! Yesterday, we have two actors who showed off their friendship in the cutest way, and that's Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bin.Before
Foreign vloggers in the Philippines aren't exempted.
The Bureau of Internal Revenue has issued a memorandum on taxation for social media influencers-and yes, they definitely have to do their part, too. Under Revenue Memorandum Circular (RMC) No. 97-2021 issued on Monday, August 16, the bureau outlined several
Friendships goals!
Korean celebrities are almost always busy (some of them have more than three major projects in a year!)-that's why it's always good to see them with their friends or rooting for them the best way they can.
She has the prettiest smile!
Fun fact: Belle Mariano has been in the acting industry for 10 years! She started in kid's sketch show Going Bulilit, and is now making waves as the lead actress in the hit web series, He's Into Her.
The key is to keep it short and sweet.
There are days when all you want to do is eat your dessert in peace-no photo necessary-but there are also those times when you can't resist snapping a pic of your special treat. Sure, you could always just
Did you sing the lyrics in your head?
It's the month of August so it is only apt that we publish a story dedicated to the queen of quarantine productivity, Taylor Swift. Also, she just revealed the songs that will be released in Taylor's version of
Keeping it cool and low-key.
If you're a shy girl, you might find it a bit difficult to pose on Instagram. (Check out our list of foolproof poses you *can* try!) Don't worry, you don't need to stick with the usual "
You can feel her bubbly personality in her photos!
It looks like Kisses Delavin is one of the Miss Universe Philippines 2021 candidate favorites. She grabbed the top place of the pageant's Headshot Challenge-which gives us an idea that she's the apple of the eye of
Perfect for vows, decor, invitations, and Instagram captions.
Your wedding is a Very Special Day. Regardless of whether it's an intimate virtual event or a full-blown party with 500 of your closest friends, weddings are meant to be a fun and celebratory declaration of the love between
'We only have one body to get us through this life.'
If you follow Lauren Reid on Instagram, you'll know she's a total beach babe. The island-loving Fil-Aussie may have left the land of showbiz a few years back, but has since turned into an entrepreneur with two
'Anywhere with you.'
Love truly is sweeter the second time around.In June 2021, McCoy De Leon made fans kilig when he confirmed that he and Elisse Joson had rekindled their romance. According to McCoy, they had actually gotten back together before the pandemic, but
Her poses are super easy to copy!
For some, it's sooo easy to pose for Insta. But for most of us, we need extra help in the confidence and creativity department. Sometimes, we just forget "our baon poses" once the camera is ready to shoot. Thankfully, Devon
The basics of looking good in photos, right this way.
Posing for the camera can be hard work, especially when you're not used to doing it every day. You may feel self-conscious and sometimes clueless about what pose you should do. To make things easier, we created a simple
That caption, though!
Bea Alonzo just went ~Insta-official~ with Dominic Roque. On July 24, Saturday, Bea posted on IG a bird's-eye-view of herself and Dominic taking a breather at Yosemite National Park in California. Bea tagged Dominic in the photo
Finally, some Bea x Dom vacay confirmation!
Dominic Roque just celebrated his 31st birthday in the US and he spent it with family and close friends.On Instagram Stories, the actor shared several clips from his day, including moments bonding with Filipina actress Beth Tamayo, who happens to be