What a ~bae~.
A K-Pop idol and K-drama actress in one, you can definitely call Bae Suzy a total package. She's definitely on our list of our favorite Korean stars-talented, stylish, and more! What's not to love? While
Stand out from the crowd.
At the risk of sounding like your grandma, we've never been more searchable online. From Instagram and Twitter to Depop, a quick Google search of your name will bring up hundreds of results. Which, if you're waiting for a long-
She really knows how to ~work~ it!
If you scroll through Patrice Averilla's (@avelovin) Instagram profile, you'll notice that she is a total ~*beach babe*~! Her grid is littered with photos of picturesque destinations that rack up thousands of likes per post. All of them
As if you haven't already. *winks*
We've got a brand new drama on our radar, which means we have a new set of actors to Insta-stalk online! Record Of Youth just dropped on Netflix earlier this week, and it's safe to say that
Memories, memories.
Traveling, dining out, and partying are simply memories stuck in our heads and our phones' camera roll. We totally understand if you always have the urge to post throwback pics on your IG to relive these moments. Gone are the days
She really knows how to look good in photos!
Erika Rae Poturnak might not be a household name yet, but you will be hearing more of her very soon. The eldest daughter of film and television actress Ina Raymundo, Erika is the latest artist that talent agency Cornerstone Entertainment signed. Although
Channel your inner queen.
Just after five months since she's joined Instagram, Hwasa has been posting ~quality content~ on her social media account-and by quality, we mean how she exudes so much confidence and power. The MAMAMOO member shows us a glimpse of
Future Instagram pegs!
Whether you're just looking into adding "filler" posts to your feed or you're just really shy, take notes from Julia Barretto's IG game. She's mastered low-key poses that look so double-tap-worthy-
Don't worry, it doesn't make you a narcissist.
You probably don't need your weekly screentime report to tell you too much of your time is spent on Instagram. It's just so easy to scroll mindlessly: when you first wake up, when you're watching TV,
Subtle, subtle, subtle.
There are days when you're not 100 percent feeling it when you pose for an Instagram pic. Sometimes, you become self-conscious, especially when you want the picture to look perfect. To help you ace that photo, here are some
She was told she pronounces Elias' name 'differently.'
Ellen Adarna doesn't post photos of her two-year-old son Elias that often.However, showbiz fans do get a glimpse of him on Ellen's social media feed every now and then.Yesterday, August 13, the celebrity mom
Halamoms, you know you need these.
Plantitas and halamoms know that if they could only spend hours taking photos of their plants, they really would. There's just something relaxing about spending time around nature, even if it's just your indoor garden at home. And
It's super easy!
You know that feeling when you can't decide which photo to post on Instagram? Well, celebs and influencers have found a fix-by doing it photo booth style! Instead of choosing just one, you can upload four or more snaps
Bookmark this for your future itinerary!
From the breathtaking views of Namsan Seoul Tower to the kaleidoscope paintings scattered around the Ihwa Mural Village, it's no secret that South Korea is filled with wondrous sites to behold. That said, while you've probably already heard
It's about time you hit that Follow button.
By now, most of us have already heard of 2gether: The Series, the mega-hit Thai BL drama that aired from February to May 2020. Starring Win Metawin Opas-Iamkajor and Bright Vachirawit Chivaaree, 2gether tells the story of two college kids
Do you feel empowered yet?
Has your feed also become inundated with black and white glamour shots of various famous (or not) women in the name of empowerment? If you answered yes, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Just kidding, but you might find some solace
You just have to go for it.
With everything that's happening in the world, it isn't easy to pursue your goals and chase after dreams. But if you absolutely want something, there are ways to make things happen, if you're determined enough to
The actress received an overwhelming amount of lewd comments for a single Instagram post.
Nothing says committed like a slideshow of 'definitely candid' couple pics.
In the age of COVID-19, I'd say we are all desperate for some good news. And reaching a serious relationship milestone is certainly a reason to celebrate right now, especially considering so many of our celeb #RelationshipGoals couples didn'
There's one for everyone!
Accessories make any basic (or pambahay) outfit look more put-together. When you are aware that you appear more presentable, you become motivated to go by your day. If you're searching for unique and something ~new~ to add to your
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