Spending all your money just got so much more convenient, lol.
As if Instagram wasn't targeting your wallet enough with its sponsored ads and fancy product tags (FYI more than 130 million people tap to reveal those in posts, according to the brand), you can now purchase items from select brands
Attention: conspiracy theorists.
As you might have noticed, Jordyn Woods is back on Instagram after the harrowing event known as Tristan Thompson's Cheating Scandal 2.0, and she was posting a ton last night. But...the weird thing? So was Kylie, and fans
Let's dissect the subtext of this text.
So, uh, have you seen what Miley Cyrus has been posting lately? Taking a break from posting all her wedding content, Miley went on a throwback spree and shared a bunch of videos of her singing alongside Rihanna, Beyoncé, and Selena Gomez.
Set summer on fire!
Before you hit the beach, it's best to be armed with the best poses! After all, what's a great getaway if it's not documented, right? To help you plan your Instagram feed and score your ultimate
Oh no!
Even though Justin Bieber has millions of dollars and a wife who (maybe?) calls him "daddy," Biebs is still having a tough time.Last month it was reported that Justin was receiving treatment for depression, and that it has nothing to do
THIS is how you shut down bashers on social media!
Female celebrities get targeted with hate messages and comments every single day. Just because they're in the limelight, some people (their "fans" included) feel like they have a say when it comes to their actions, clothes, and even their bodies.
This queen reigns supreme.
Anne Curtis has once again reinforced her queendom over Philippine social media by having the most followers on Instagram among local celebrities.Anne took to Instagram to make the announcement and thank her fans and followers. She made the announcement just before
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