For anyone who just wants to feel a little fancy.
When I hear the word "caviar," I can't help but think, "money." Caviar is the roe (eggs) of fish from the sturgeon family. It's a sought-after, often expensive, delicacy. According to Mashed, several factors come into play
Score the authentic vintage effect sans editing apps!
Thanks to today's technology, our smartphones can do it all-surf the net, stream videos, do online bank transactions, play games, and take photos that can rival the quality of a DSLR camera. There is, however, a certain charm that
For times you don't want to be ~seen~.
When you scroll through Pinay vlogger Angel Dei's Instagram feed, you'll notice that she mastered the art of posing. Whether she's clad in her many bikinis or posing with her cats, Angel really knows her *best*
Sliding into DMs: The success stories!
Seeing as a lot of us can spend an embarrassing amount of time scrolling through Instagram/Twitter/Facebook, it's not entirely surprising social media has become a major source for successful romances. And, judging by this little list, apparently sliding
What an adorable bb girl!
Over the weekend, Sofia Andres made the huge announcement that she and longtime boyfriend Daniel Miranda were proud parents of their seven-month-old daughter Zoe. She's kept the news private for a while, but now that she's
Oh, hello cutie.
It's no secret that Alden Richards has been blessing his followers with a variety of quarantine content on his Insta account (tysm, bae). Ranging from his many shirtless selfies to random casual snaps at home, the 28-year-old Kapuso
Someone seems to be excited for his new show, hihi.
Being online basically most of the time has made me become hyper-aware of how ~frequent~ celebs I follow post online. And in the past few days, I've come to notice one K-drama star who's been *suspiciously*
We miss them all so much already!
Season one of Hospital Playlist has already wrapped up and we'll be the first to admit that we're still trying to recover from all the cliffhangers from that season finale. (If you haven't seen it, it's
The cakes come in three color styles!
There's something so cool about minimalist cakes. I think part of its ~allure~ is you can't tell what the experience will be. Cutting a slice feels like a sweet surprise. If you have something to celebrate soon (or
Yay for technology!
Thanks to modern technology, our lives have gotten so much easier. You can already do so much with the click of a button or a tap on your screen-like booking a ridesharing service, connecting with family and friends, and even shopping
It's every fan's dream!
You might know of 23-year-old star Ella Cruz from the various dance covers she posts. While she initially started out in the industry as an actress, Ella is deeply passionate about dance! She's also a hardcore K-pop
Ang lakas maka-fresh!
Something I've been noticing recently is that a lot of influencers have been coming out with their very own Instagram filters for their followers to use and play around with. I knew it was only a matter of time before
Plus, there’s a cute butterfly crown!
Do you catch yourself mindlessly saving a lot of Instagram filters lately? I can't blame you because they're so fun to play with! There are tons of options available, from makeup, vintage camera effects, and even Q and A ones.
It's time to come together.
On May 11, Instagram launched a sticker called "Support Small Business" as a way to help struggling businesses amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Many were forced to cease operations because of quarantine, and small businesses, in particular, are facing a lot of
No extreme props needed.
We've lost count on the days we were advised to stay at home (which is a privilege), and we miss wearing our ~pang-porma clothes~. If you find sharing your cool outfits on Instagram as a form of creative outlet,
She's one flawless beauty!
Most Pinoys remember Kim Ji Won as First Lieutenant Yoon Myeong-Joo in Descendants of the Sun. She was also in the hit series, Fight for My Way as the goal-getter Choe Ae-Ra. But besides being a well-loved leading
We miss these guys!
If there's one K-drama that people of all ages can relate to, it's definitely Reply 1988. First aired in 2015, the series tells the story of different families who live in the same neighborhood in Seoul! If
Ever come across a gem of a show where you find yourself literally sitting on the edge of your seat, laughing your heart out, with every intention of finishing the whole season in one go? That's how Never Have I
We need more of these on our feeds.
When you scroll through Instagram, what do you see? The answer depends on what kind of posts you regularly "like" or "comment on." Some may often see posts from family and friends, but for others, it's interest-based. For example,
From crying over slow WiFi to singing in the shower!
Ah, celebrities-they are, in fact, just like us. Need proof? Look no further than actor Jericho Rosales' Instagram page. Since the beginning of April (about two weeks into the enhanced community quarantine in Metro Manila), the film and television star&#
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