This is in anticipation of long lines at immigration counters.
If you've got any upcoming overseas trips, be warned. "On Tuesday, April 4, Philippine Airlines (PAL) advised passengers of international flights to be at the airport up to five hours before departure in anticipation of long lines at immigration counters," reports
Ready for these boys to make YOU feel beautiful? Penshoppe welcomes the British boy band to the All Stars family!
Being stuck in traffic just got a little more interesting, especially if your car happens to be parked in front of the gigantic billboard of these five cuties along EDSA. The influx of international celebrity endorsers in the country for local clothing
You can have unique cuisine from Spain, India, Italy, and Germany right in your own home. Be inspired by these dishes made with ingredients from the supermarket!
You don't always have to eat out to enjoy different cuisines. Put your culinary skills to use and add some exciting new elements to your dishes. Why not have a candlelit Italian dinner at home with your man? Or, why don'
One of Cosmo’s 2008 Centerfolds, Billy Crawford's this month’s Man On Fire. Watch him show off his intense dance moves during his shoot.
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