Did it also make you rethink your life choices?
This day, January 29, will live in infamy for the half hour or so in the morning that Instagram was down. The app loaded cached content on your device, but new posts and IG Stories couldn't be uploaded or viewed, while
Here's where your famous bae fits in.
Noah Centineo. Timothée Chalamet. Tom Holland. If you have a human heart in 2018 these names might make it flutter. These fresh (hot) faces are the latest in a long line of Internet Boyfriends, a title given to famous baes who
Why laugh when you can fight about the internet?
You could spend the precious hours of your summer riding giant pool floaties, getting tipsy on rosé/frosé, soaking up the warm weather, and enjoying the great outdoors.Or you could show this photo to everyone you're with and spend
The Internet is divided.
Apart from the #RoyalWedding, the other ~*super important*~ social issue everyone's been screaming about on the Internet is: Yanny vs. Laurel. Refer to this audio clip:It's like going through the white-and-gold-or-blue-and-black-
But along with the haters, Liza's also got a loyal band of supporters!
The role of iconic Pinay superhero Darna has ~*finally*~ been filled by Liza Soberano. While the Kapamilya beauty has been linked to the Erik Matti-directed film for some time now, the finality of the decision has gotten its share of haters.
Headlines, hot news, and conversation starters on October 28, 2016!
1 We all know who Bella Hadid is by now. So it's no surprise that she was chosen to walk in this year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show-which will be held in Paris. PARIS, YOU GUYS. Can we call
You wish clouds would send Wi-Fi signals instead of rain.
Perfect ka, teh?
The cold, hard truth is that every day we are faced with a Gossip Girl episode in the flesh. This is a time when anyone can write whatever they want online, thanks to throwaway handles and the cloak of anonymity. The folks
Of course the internet took notice.
Liza Soberano's first ever Cosmopolitan cover dropped on everyone (yes, us editors as well) like a ~*BOMB*~.BOOM.*explosions*fireworks*lahat na*It's no doubt the 18-year-old's Cosmo hashtag, #LizaForCosmo, quickly trended on social media. After the
'Taylor is one Loki lady.' *winks*
Whether you love it or hate it, it is an actual fact that Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston aka The Man of our Dreams were spotted kissing and being all lovey-dovey (They even took selfies, you guys!) by the shores of
Telcos support Duterte's call to improve internet services in the country.
Two major telecommunications companies have expressed their willingness to increase the country's sluggish internet speed after incoming president Rodrigo Duterte made a direct call to action.In separate statements, both Globe Telecom and the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company said they
You're always huli sa balita.
Presenting all the things that people with free data have to endure. We hope you have a WiFi connection so you can read this.1. The only thing worse than not getting a reply from your crush is getting a text notification
A disappointment indeed.
YouTube/ABS-CBN EntertainmentIn case y'all have been living under a rock, then you wouldn't have known that Tuesday night's episode of On The Wings Of Love aka #OTWOLDisappointment was a HUGE. MESS. OMG. OUR. HEARTS.OK. *breathes*Just
It's not worth that Instagram update you want to post, promise.
Public WiFi networks, which connect us to the Internet without our having to enter a password, aren't safe-a lot of us know that, and our computers have warned us that it's not secure-that someone can see our private
Headlines, hot news, and conversation starters on September 21, 2015!
1 Not that we're surprised or anything, but Alden Richards and Yaya Dub's first date broke the Internet with 12 million tweets during Eat Bulaga's Kalyeserye on September 19! The hashtag, #ALDUBMostAwaitedDate, trended worldwide in just a span of
You dread holidays. Especially Christmas and Holy Week.
1. Long weekends make you sad.It means you need to bank one million stories ahead of the break. Which means you have to go online every day to check if they actually went live during the long break. Which means, what
Today, the Cybercrime Prevention Act, which spells drastic consequences for Internet users, takes effect. Where do YOU stand on this controversial law? Vote in our poll!
Filipino netizens have erupted in a mass uproar over Republic Act No. 10175 or the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012--which takes effect today, October 3--with good reason.To its credit, RA 10175 aims to criminalize malicious offenses such as online
Internet browsing has never been this rewarding: A new lifestyle website plus three new broadband sticks give you access to perks and discounts that will let you fully indulge in your passions!
Ever wished there was a website that exists solely to give you VIP access to privileges that let you enjoy your specific passions to the fullest-be it fashion, travel, gadgets, games, music, or culture? Well, now there is: LiveTattoo.ph, created
Your fave fashion and lifestyle icons gather at Epic in Boracay for the launch of Globe Tattoo's latest innovation that you would enjoy, too.
Boracay is the place to be during summer, as celebs, fashionistas, and lifestyle icons flock to its pristine white shores to relax, enjoy the sun...and be the first to experience the latest hip innovation online. Browsing the Internet just became easier,
Cosmo.ph columnist Bianca Valerio interviews the hot Fil-Aussie model who recently joined the blogging community. Learn why he's worth a second look (or more)!
Bloggers are a dime a dozen these days--at the click of a mouse, you can surf through millions of sites revolving around topics as vast as fashion, food, fake accounts, feelings, and just about anything else you can think of! Now,
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