The Internet is divided.
Apart from the #RoyalWedding, the other ~*super important*~ social issue everyone's been screaming about on the Internet is: Yanny vs. Laurel. Refer to this audio clip:It's like going through the white-and-gold-or-blue-and-black-
But along with the haters, Liza's also got a loyal band of supporters!
The role of iconic Pinay superhero Darna has ~*finally*~ been filled by Liza Soberano. While the Kapamilya beauty has been linked to the Erik Matti-directed film for some time now, the finality of the decision has gotten its share of haters.
Headlines, hot news, and conversation starters on October 28, 2016!
1 We all know who Bella Hadid is by now. So it's no surprise that she was chosen to walk in this year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show-which will be held in Paris. PARIS, YOU GUYS. Can we call
You wish clouds would send Wi-Fi signals instead of rain.
Perfect ka, teh?
The cold, hard truth is that every day we are faced with a Gossip Girl episode in the flesh. This is a time when anyone can write whatever they want online, thanks to throwaway handles and the cloak of anonymity. The folks
Of course the internet took notice.
Liza Soberano's first ever Cosmopolitan cover dropped on everyone (yes, us editors as well) like a ~*BOMB*~.BOOM.*explosions*fireworks*lahat na*It's no doubt the 18-year-old's Cosmo hashtag, #LizaForCosmo, quickly trended on social media. After the
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