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'Such blatant stupidity… Quit your f**king around.'
Being an intern can be one of the most fulfilling experiences of your young adult life, especially if you work with a great team or mentor, and are able to apply the things you learn there well after your OJT. But it
Don't be a know-it-all.
Congrats! You got the internship. But don't think that just having a company's name to put on your résumé is going to be enough to land you an amazing job one day. Positions at companies in any industry are
Do not be afraid to do the dirty work.
1. Do your homework. When you were accepted for your internship, it was assumed that you knew enough about the company. Before your first day on the job, do more research! Interning for a website? Go through all the sections and familiarize
It may be your ticket to fast-tracked employment.
1. It's the perfect supplement to your college classes.What better way to put theories into practice than applying what you've learned? Being textbook savvy makes you competitive in the academe (and yes it will get you on the Dean'
Not all internships are awful.
Even if you hear stories about awful bosses, midday coffee runs, and feeling absolutely clueless at work, there are a lot of ways you can still have a grand time while training on the job. Here's how to make the most
Find the ideal internship for you based on what you love to do!
Can't decide where to spend your college OJT, or just looking to learn new skills? Here, we list some practical ideas that will help you score internship credits while letting you indulge in your interests.If you're into...styling outfitsIntern