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Girl, you are not alone.
Jennifer Lawrence has found herself unlucky in love after dating Brits Nicholas Hoult and Chris Martin.The Oscar winner told news show Extra she has been single for months, and jokes she is beginning to forget what intimacy feels like.Asked why
Because sometimes we just need some TLC.
Would you pay to cuddle with someone? There is a "professional cuddling shop" in Oregon, Portland called Cuddle Up To Me, where you can snuggle with the store's owner and proprietor Samantha Hess (or the three other cuddlers she employed.) For $
Instead of just dozing off after the deed, why not try a little tenderness? Here, some post-romp practices that spell sexy romance.
Take a moment to think about what you and your guy usually do after sex. Chances are, it's sleep, eat, or flip on the TV. Not exactly romantic, especially considering that the few hours afterward are one of the best times
LQs are no fun especially when you're on vacation. Get on his good side again with these sweet and sensual tricks.
Breaking the ice after an LQ can be tricky. To help get you back in the bliss zone when it's over, Anthony E. Wolf, PhD, author of Why Can't You Shut Up?, offers three totally easy tricks you can try
Find out what your guy <i>really</i> wants to do when you hit the sack after a busy workweek.
When you and your guy work five days a week, sometimes all you want to do is relax the moment you get home. But, that doesn't mean you can't still be intimate with each other. Here's a cheat sheet
If sex isn't that great between you and your guy, here's what you can do to spare his ego, get your own satisfaction, and make the best of the sitch.
Step 1: "Don't apologize."Don't instinctively take on the blame if things go wrong. It's normal for you to experience setbacks or inconveniences--from not being able to come or pulling a muscle while trying out a new position--
Wondering whether the hot physical connection you have with your man will sizzle...or fizzle? Watch for these indicators.
1. You tell him your turn-ons. It can be hard to share your deepest desires, but if you slowly open up about your lusty wants--as you trust your guy more and vice versa--the quality of your connections will only
Ready to take it to the next level with that guy you've been dating? Here's how to tell if you're actually compatible in bed!
1. Your voice changes.Talking in a deeper tone around him is a subconscious sign that he turns you on; on the other hand, if your voice gets higher than usual, you're feeling intimate. Both hint at a promising physical pairing.
Never settle for action that's short of amazing--no matter how much you love him. Here are the possible sack sesh problems--and how to fix them.
When he makes you happy in a zillion other ways, it can be tempting to convince yourself that being unsatisfied in bed isn't that big a deal. But, we're here to tell you that hell yes, it is."In a
Think he's turned cold? It may not be your fault at all. Learn why.
Physical affection is one of the most intimate ways of connecting and bonding with your partner. Though it does not always equate to or guarantee a true emotional connection, it sure can raise hair on our spine with just a a single
Length DOES matter, even to men. Find out whether men prefer things long or short, in many different ways!
1. GETTING TO THE POINTWomen love to ramble on and on before getting to what exactly they wish to say. Not that there's anything wrong with that, since communication is key to making any relationship--be it with friends, family, or
A quick wash-and-wipe before intimate encounters could be beneficial to your romantic future.
Some boyfriends’ definition of romance is taking you to a burger joint for a date. Show him how he can be sweeter.