When you try to tell him you need time alone and he looks at you like you're breaking up with him.
1. Staring at him with laser beams in your eyes every time he asks you if you want to go out. How long have we been dating, dude? I would almost always rather stay inside and you know this. However, I am
When you show up somewhere people are like, 'OMG yesssss!"'
Ambiverts (aka introverted extroverts), which Science Of People defines as "someone who exhibits qualities of both introversion and extroversion," are basically the best of both worlds. They're not too loud and intense to where you're like, "Jeez, we get it.
There is no greater pleasure than being canceled on when you never really wanted to go in the first place.
1. You've gotten into the habit of putting your phone on airplane mode and getting into bed with a hot water bottle and matching pajamas at around 9 p.m. every night.2. There is no greater pleasure than being canceled
Don't even look at me!
1. The words, "team" and "building", in the same sentence make you nervous AF. Run. Cold.2. Small talk is not your thing. It usually goes; "How are you?" Good, you? Good thanks. Good... *awkward silence*3. You start sweating when you
Who says people have to be loud to exude excellence?
Many of us have been led to believe that extroverts-people who love groups, are generally energetic, and who can charm a room-are the only ones who make it to the top and make great leaders. They seem bibo and in
What are your career options?
While introverts may not feel comfortable in certain jobs, they can be as smart, organized, and analytical as the next person. So can they land a great job that they absolutely love and feel motivated to turn it into a career? Of
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