It's not coming out until WHEN?!
There's new iPhone 8 news, and some of it's not suuuuper great.First bit of not great news: Reliable tech blogs Mac Otakara and the Royal Bank of Canada report that there's most likely going to be a delay
Also, we might finally be able to say goodbye to cracked screens.
The latest iPhone 7 model is waterproof, but it's not shock or crack proof-which is exactly what Tech Stuff reports Apple is hoping to introduce to the next phone they create.The website says Apple received a patent on April
We're gonna miss being able to afford food.
Rumor has it that there's going to be a new iPhone soon. I mean, is anyone actually still surprised? In the race to be the biggest tech conglomerate, it feels like Apple moves on from each iPhone faster than we get
A curved screen and face-recognizing technology?!
It feels like just yesterday we got the iPhone 7, but the rumors about the iPhone 8 are already swirling. Technology! Who can keep up?!Well, the answer is: Lots of people. And they have some guesses as to what computers we'
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