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They're so much more than just a band!
During a time when second-generation K-pop groups were all about singing and dancing, CNBLUE armed themselves with musical instruments. Jung Yong Hwa, Kang Min Hyuk, and Lee Jung Shin have been churning out hits since their Korean debut in 2010
We have so many series to choose from!
A wise philosopher once said: "Time flies when you're...watching K-dramas," LOL. It's always worth the puyat when a series is just so good, 'no? We know you're still finishing some Korean shows from
It'll have your heart racing from the very first scene.
All caught up on recently-released suspenseful dramas and true crime documentaries? Make room for another show on your watch list. Streaming service iQIYI recently produced Danger Zone, its first prison-themed Chinese-language original, and during the press conference journalists were
In the mood for something *disturbing*?
As much as we love funny, romantic, and healing K-dramas, we find ourselves looking for dark series every now and then. These suspenseful shows are more than a horror fest and feature characters that look and feel *real.* They also tackle
Plans, prices, type of content—we list it down!
Choices, choices, choices. Yeah, we don't like making them either. The biggest decision we make on a daily basis is what to eat for lunch so figuring out which subscription deal is best-in terms of price and service-is
Ready for the weekend?
It's amazing how we can watch so many shows these days on online streaming platforms. As a Hallyu tita, it was pretty hard back then to look for legal sites where you can binge-watch Korean movies. We often end
And where you can watch them!
Ready na ba ang lahat? August 2021 is raining K-dramas and we're already sure our nights will be spent watching them all! This month, we have a military-themed series, a period show, a rom-com set by the
In case you're looking for something ~new~!
We often see predictable plots in K-dramas: There's the poor-girl-meets-chaebol's-son, the childhood friends who became lovers, and so much more. Don't get us wrong-these series are truly enjoyable but sometimes,
His character, Yeo Jun, is someone he can relate to.
In K-dramas, we often encounter characters who seem to have it all: They're good-lucking, smart, and rich, plus they're loved by *everyone*. Take for example Yeo Jun from At A Distance, Spring Is Green-from afar,
Most of her works are top-rating and critically acclaimed!
Whether you're a hardcore K-drama fan or you just started binge-watching Korean shows, you have probably heard of Netflix's Kingdom-you know, that historical-slash-zombie thriller that everyone's talking about. And in case
It was her deciding factor in accepting the role!
What's your go-to K-drama when you want to relax? Recently, we found a gem on iQIYI that you should add to your list and it's My Roommate Is A Gumiho-starring Lee Hyeri, Jang Ki Yong,
For Chinese, Japanese, and Korean film buffs out there!
Want to change up your binge-watch list this month? Well, look no further 'cause iQIYI has a bunch of new Asian films from China, Japan, and Korea to keep us entertained. From romance to crime dramas to suspense thrillers, here
Prepare to pick your jaw on the floor.
Leave it to Korean filmmakers to bring us the most remarkable movies ever made. From rom-coms that will have you reminiscing about your own love story, to tearjerkers that are guaranteed to make you cry buckets-these creatives are always coming
Have you watched these relatable K-dramas yet?
When life gets hard, we love ending the day by watching a good K-drama! But while we enjoy dramas that take us to other worlds and help us escape our everyday problems, we sometimes want something more realistic-proof that others
These dramas will make you hungry!
Love good food? These K-dramas will have you ordering delivery from the nearest Korean restaurant (or grocery)! But wait, there's more: Get ready for a parade of tasty dishes that go beyond Korean cuisine, too. These dramas will serve you
Fancy something ~fancy~?
Have you ever wondered what it's like to live in a luxurious house the size of a school campus? Or to drive a mega-expensive car that will make anyone turn their heads when you're on the street?
It’s all about the music and the drama!
We love to see the Korean music industry represented in K-dramas-especially when they're all about the K-pop idol life! These dramas range from realistic to funny to heartwarming when it comes to their portrayal of the highs and
Get really for all the pure kilig feels!
Ah, there really is nothing like our ~first love~ and all the pure kind of romance that comes along with it! So for us to somewhat escape back to our youth, the home of Asian content, iQIYI, has a slew of YA
Take a step back from reality and enjoy these gems!
We love a good slice-of-life or melo K-drama just as much as anyone, but sometimes, we just find ourselves looking for something more-something out of this world! From ghosts and zombies to nine-tailed foxes and grim reapers,
Siri, please play 'Hyehwadong' by Park Boram.
Great news, Reply 1988 fans-our Sun Woo and Deok Sun are reuniting *very* soon because Go Kyung Pyo will make a special appearance in Lee Hyeri's new drama, My Roommate Is A Gumiho! As reported by Soompi, tvN has