10k steps per day for Wizards Unite? No problem—just don’t forget to look up!
If you're a fan of Pokémon GO, then we're pretty sure you've heard of software developer Niantic's newest mobile release. Potterheads, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is the game we've been waiting
It made a really good first impression.
Famous Amos is finally in the Philippines! They opened their first branch at S Maison at Conrad Manila and are planning on opening more branches soon. ICYDK, they're known for their crunchy, bite-sized cookies.Naturally, we were curious to
Are you ready for our honest reviews?
Ben's Cookies-a staple in the UK-has been around since 1983. 36 years, to be exact. It's older than most of us! So you can only imagine the excitement wannabe cookie connoisseurs-us, we're talking
Are you ready for our honest reviews of Popeyes Philippines?
Every few days, we checked the line at the newly opened Popeyes in Arcovia City, hoping it wasn't as long as when it opened in mid-May 2019. Famous for their delicious chicken, many were super disappointed when Popeyes left
We're here to give you our honest reviews of Chachago!
We're back with another taste test of a milk tea shop everyone's talking about: Chachago. This Taiwanese brand has more than just milk tea; they have fruit teas and Yakult-based drinks, too! They opened their first branch
To be perfectly frnk...are you ready for our honest reviews?
For a change of pace, we took a break from our go-to milk teas to try Manila's latest craze: FRNK Milk Bar. We're sure you've seen this all over your social since the ~face~ of
Our honest reviews of Marugame Udon!
It's been a while since we've given our honest food reviews on somethng that's not milk tea (see here, here, here, and here) or dessert. In fact, our last Is It Worth The Hype? review of
Our honest reviews of Cha Tuk Chak!
Your girls are back with the tea (apologies, we had to). This time around, we're sharing our unfiltered thoughts on Cha Tuk Chak!Cha Tuk Chak burst into the milk tea scene in Manila just two years ago, but it's
We're *always* in the mood for cookies.
At the risk of sounding completely uncool, we have been dying to try Liz Uy's Mood Bake cookies ever since it made its debut on social a few months ago. ICYDK, celebrities like Jennylyn Mercado and Solenn Heussaff have also
Our honest reviews of Macao Imperial Tea!
We're back with our honest reviews, and this time, we'll be sharing our thoughts about Macao Imperial Tea. Hailing all the way from Macau (as the name suggests), this famous tea spot arrived in the Philippines around mid-2017. The
Beauty content creator Anna Cay just launched two makeup sponges, with each one retailing at P288.
When Anna Cay released her first batch of Airblender Sponges online on February 14, 2019, everything sold out in just 13 minutes. There were two sponges in the collection: a baby pink teardrop-shaped sponge and a black beveled sponge. Fortunately, a
Brown sugar in milk tea?
A two-hour line, seriously? Is anything worth that? Apparently, a lot of people think so because that's how long they're willing to wait for a taste of Tiger Sugar. Originally from Taiwan, Tiger Sugar opened its first
We clocked in over an hour of game time. Here's the verdict!
In the second episode of our Is It Worth The Hype? series, we decided to test out virtual reality games-specifically, if the activity is ideal for your next barkada hangout sesh. Whether you're in the mood for a dance
Or is it just a hype?
You may have noticed that we've been giving our ~*honest reviews*~ of the most hyped food on social right now. We even turned it into a series called, Is It Worth The Hype? For our very *first* Is It Worth
It takes two to mango.
Everyone and their mothers are talking about Maxi Mango, and we wanted to find out why! ICYDK, Maxi Mango originated from Davao, and it was such a huge hit that they wanted to try their luck in Manila. After a few pop-
We attended the *official* launch of Bolzico Beef!
If you religiously watch Nico Bolzico and the Heussaff siblings' Instagram Stories every weekend, then you know their family meals are literal feasts. Casually grilling a piece of meat that's bigger than your will to live is standard for #ERCO. So
We welcome the sugar rush.
If you have a special place in your heart for Sex and the City like the fangirls writing this article, then you probably remember the scene when Carrie tells Miranda about her new crush (Aidan). This scene is iconic for two reasons:
The grand opening is on August 3, 2018.
Everyone who goes on a trip to Cebu makes sure they eat lechon at least once while they're there. Cebuanos have a couple of stellar recommendations, and usually, one of the options is Rico's Lechon. The good news?
With shipping fee, it costs P629.
I've always been the type of person who isn't easily swayed by trends. I'm naturally skeptical of things that go viral on Instagram because to me, the buzz around anything of quality should last longer than
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