Its More Fun In The Philippines |
Aside from its famous surfing spots.
Everyone knows that Baler is a surfer's paradise mainly for its big, majestic waves due to its proximity to the Pacific Ocean. But don't be so quick to dismiss a trip to this quiet town in Aurora if you're
These tours in the Philippines let you learn, immerse, and give back.
A trip doesn't have to be just a chance to relax, shop, and make your friends back home jealous with constant social media updates-it can be an opportunity to learn, contribute, and collect one-of-a-kind experiences you'd
There’s something for everyone!
Much of the hype resurfacing around Boracay is thanks to the six months of extensive rehabilitation that brought back its old glory. Though a lot has changed, one thing is for sure-it still remains as one of the best destinations in
'There's a lot of heart, not just from me, but from the whole team who worked on this campaign.'
When the Department of Tourism (DOT) relaunched the "More Fun in the Philippines" campaign on February 18, one of the most apparent changes was the new typeface featured in the ad materials.Unlike the first campaign in 2012 that used the sans
Because #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines still rings true.
Millions of tourists flock the country every year because of its picturesque beaches, friendly locals, and incredible cuisine (just to name a few reasons!). For 2019, the Department of Tourism aims to increase the number to 8.2 million-and the first
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