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She made it clear that she is willing to face the case.
Ivana Alawi touched hearts in one of her most-watched videos to date, which featured her disguising herself as a street beggar asking for help from random people. In the episode, the actress and YouTuber was moved to tears after rice cake
Her next vlog is bound to be *emotional* again!
Remember Ivana Alawi's emotional-and touching-conversation with a kind street vendor named Joselito Martinez? At the end of her most recent vlog, Ivana said she would look for him and try to help him. Earlier this month, a fan
Her story sounded like a date from hell.
Everyone knows and loves Ivana Alawi for her candid personality and witty humor, but it seems like when it comes to relationships, she prefers something simple and private.In one of Toni Gonzaga's latest vlogs, the actress admitted that while
'Iba talaga ang Pinoy at may pag-asa pa rin tayo.'
In her latest vlog, 24-year-old Ivana Alawi disguised herself as a homeless person and went around the city asking strangers for money so she could ~go back to her family~. Most of the people she approached gave her what small
And which stars would make them feel 'selos.'
On February 4, 2021, Jessy Mendiola dropped a video on YouTube where she and her fiancé Luis Manzano can be seen playing a game called Jojowain o Totropahin. Jessy has a list of celebs, and she and Luis would have to say
'It's a reminder to work hard for your dreams.'
ICYDK, Ivana Alawi just turned 24 on December 25, 2020, and a few days ago, she finally revealed everything she got from her birthday in one of her YouTube uploads! Aside from gifts from her family, friends, and fans, there was one
And of course, may prank pa rin!
In September 2020, Ivana Alawi gave her brother Hash Alawi with his own lot located near their family's future home. The actress explained that she wanted the whole family to be in the same subdivision. Now, it's Mama
Guess who took the number one spot?
This year, we all spent a good chunk of our time on YouTube, especially because local celebrities became especially active there-how many YouTube channels have been launched? We've lost count! Still, we're grateful for the distraction, for
From young Pinay stars to Korean actresses to...a European K-pop group?
Admit it: One of the first things you do when a #trending celeb pops up on your feed is to Google their name, right? Right. Well, Google's Year In Search 2020 is here and it listed down the Top-Searched
Super fresh!
We've always admired Ivana Alawi's long, voluminous hair. We think her glam hairstyles actually make her look like a living doll! So, we were pleasantly surprised when we saw hairstylist Renz Pangilinan posted a photo of her sporting
Keep reading to see the complete list.
Before the global health crisis, Pinoys were already known for spending *a lot* of time online: In 2019, the Philippines topped a global list for internet usage, with an average of 10 hours and two minutes of screen time per day. So
She looks amazing!
Actress and social media star Ivana Alawi has been on a roll lately. Aside from being named the Tanduay 2021 Calendar Girl, she also collaborated with beauty brand Inglot to create her very own limited-edition lipstick.A post shared by Anthea
Get ready for some tears.
We all know the Alawis looove pulling pranks on each other. In fact, a favorite is when Ivana covered her brother Hash's bed with fake cockroaches before waking him up. But the fans know it's just how these
'You are loved by so many people and you are respected.'
Longtime YouTuber Lloyd Cadena passed away on September 4, 2020. According to a post on his YouTube channel, Lloyd was confined to a hospital on September 1; he tested positive for COVID-19 two days later and suffered a heartattack. Many have
Warning: Nakakagutom. You might want to fix yourself a nice merienda first.
In the last few months, I've noticed that more and more people are trying doing their own mukbangs-including some of your favorite local celebrities and influencers. ICYDK, a mukbang is an "eating broadcast," a concept that originated in South
Hacienderos, politicians, heiresses, and more.
We love a good rags-to-riches story. We've all seen reality show contestants bawl on TV, sobbing as they confess how a career in show businesses would lift up their family's quality of life. It's
'She is such a beautiful person, inside and out.'
Ivana Alawi answers more fan questions in a new mukbang with younger sister Mona. We get to learn so much about these two sisters because they like to keep it real. They talk about love, career, and the importance of treating people
Make sure you're eating something, too.
There are many things to love about Ivana Alawi, but her sense of humor and carefree attitude are tied at the top of the list. In her latest YouTube video, a mukbang with sister Mona, Ivana answers fan questions, and honestly, para
Sakto for #FlashbackFridays!
If you're looking to take a break from catching up on all the K-dramas you've been wanting to watch for forever, or are just looking for something to pass the time while at home, why not re-
She's quite the pro!
Ivana Alawi may have broken the internet with her stunning house in Bahrain and sexy Instagram photos, but here's something that you probably didn't know about her: She's amazing at doing her own makeup, too. In