Freakin' finally.
Remember in 2018 when this seemingly under-the-radar teen rom-com suddenly blew up on Netflix? No, I'm not talking about To All The Boys I've Loved Before-the other teen rom-com. Yup, The Kissing Booth.
They are 'inseparable!'
Hey, you! Did you know that Jacob Elordi-who stands at 6'4" and is devastatingly handsome-is off the market? No? Well, today's your unlucky day! In case ya haven't heard, Jacob is currently dating his
Jacob actually planted a kiss on Zendaya's head!
Despite saying they're just like brother and sister, new photos making the rounds online are convincing fans that Zendaya and Jacob Elordi are actually an item.Paparazzi spotted the Euphoria stars getting all cozy in New York, and one of
Because we know you can't get enough of him!
Did you know that before he became one of this generation's HAWTEST leading men, Jacob Elordi was an extra in the 2017 film Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales? At that time, he was only 17 and
The dating rumors were just rumors after all.
You can breathe again because it turns out that those dating rumors surrounding Zendaya and Euphoria co-star Jacob Elordi have been put to rest by none other than Jacob himself. The dating rumors began back in August when the two were
So these two MUST be dating, right??
Happy Monday, everyone! Listen up 'cause we have important Zendaya news to discuss!The actress was seen hanging out with her Euphoria co-star Jacob Elordi yet again, and now I'm fully convinced that there's ~something~ going
Ah, yes. Awkward indeed.
If you're a Kissing Booth fan, your first thought when Joey King and Jacob Elordi broke up IRL was probably, "But what about the sequel?! " I mean, it's a fair question. How are two ex-lovebirds supposed to go on
TBH, working with your ex is probably zero percent fun!
Since Netflix announced The Kissing Booth 2 all the way back in February, one thirsty question has been festering across the internet: Will Australian heartthrob Jacob Elordi appear in the sequel? His perfectly chiseled face was noticeably absent from the original announcement,
Just when we thought they were laying low!
Hello, Euphoria fans! I'm just gonna start this off by saying that the news that I am about to provide you with may either make your day or completely ruin it, but I'm assuming that you clicked with
Are these two dating?!
I have some sad news for those of you who ship Zendaya and her Spiderman co-star Tom Holland (or as I like to call them, Tomdaya)-it looks like Zendaya miiight be dating someone who doesn't wear a Spidey
Hollywood is just starting to catch on.
Chuck Bass walked so Nate Jacobs could run. I've been thinking a lot about how baby sociopaths have taken over our high school dramas: from Nate Jacobs (Jacob Elordi) on Euphoria to Campbell (Toby Wallace) on The Society to Bryce
Need a new series to watch?
So you just finished Game of Thrones, and now there's a Westeros-shaped hole in your heart just waiting to be filled with more quality TV? Well, fret not because GOT isn't the only good show HBO'
Serious themes include drug addiction, violence, pornography, and sexual assault.
Euphoria follows the story of 17-year-old Rue (Zendaya), a recovering drug addict who comes home after spending her summer in rehab. We're also introduced to Jules (Hunter Schafer), the new transsexual girl who just moved into town.As
Is it hot in here or is it just Timothée Chalamet?
Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet might have set the bar incredibly high with their Titanic make-outs, but since then, plenty of movies have come along that give them a run for their money. Here are 17 of the hottest movie kisses
What a *ballsy* decision.
You know how everyone loves HBO because it's basically a free-for-all? Like, it truly is the network that will serve you a bare butt, a line of cocaine, and an F-bomb-laden monologue all within the first
Sooo much drama (in the best way possible).
Quick question: Has Drake ever created anything that we didn't love and subsequently use as Instagram caption inspiration for the rest of our lives? Nope, he has not. Even that time he professed his love for Rihanna at the MTV
Stocking up on my popcorn ~pronto~
Updated on 22 May 2020, 9:50 amIt's official! During a live event on YouTube, actress Joey King shared the news that The Kissing Booth 2 drops on Netflix on July 24. We're so excited!Updated on Oct.
Call your girlfriends and have a movie marathon!
If you're in the mood for some romance-and no, not the type you'd typically find in a frustrating Tinder chat-there's no shortage of kilig-inducing movies for the hopeless romantics out there. Whether you&#
Our new OTP, tbh.
It looks like we're not getting over our The Kissing Booth obsession any time soon. Do we know that the storyline isn't exactly A+? Yes. But will we still watch it five more times? Yes again. Do we
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