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'It's a popcorn-dropping moment.'
It looks like we'll soon be feasting our eyes on the very first black and female 007 in the new James Bond movie.British actress Lashana Lynch has been cast to play the pivotal role in the franchise's
Two Halloween offerings, two romcoms, four man flicks, plus the return of Agent 007--get a load of all the treats in store for you (and your guy) this month!
With all the action-packed flicks lined up for October, we bet it's your man who'll be dragging you to the movies this month. But don't worry; with all the hot guys taking the lead role, it won't
Former Bond girl and Fil-Brit actress Rachel Grant lets us see the must-haves that fill her Ed Hardy bag.
Not many women can claim to have been a Bond girl, with all the badass bombshell cred it brings. Recently, we got to meet one of those fortunate femmes, Fil-Brit actress Rachel Grant.Rachel had her breakthrough role as a Chinese
See our Online Hunk shed the suave demeanor and put a tough face on as he channels the newest Bond actor.
Wouldn't it just be dreamy if our Online Hunk picked you up in a spanking new BMW--looking as dashing as this?
Our football-playing Online Hunk keeps it suave this week as he plays 007 of the 70s and 80s!
Really want to snag that all-important second date (and go past the crucial third)? This guy reveals first-date deal-makers that men keep an eye out for!
Guys get all James Bond on a first date. Seriously, it's like we're secret agents doing covert operations (don't worry though, it's not in the creepy, sexual voyeur sense). Our mission? To determine whether or not you're
See the half-British footballer ditch sportswear and take on four of the famous faces of Agent 007 this month!