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At their launch as ambassadors of Kenny Rogers Roasters, the sexy, sporty siblings talk about the benefits of eating right and staying active.
Phil Younghusband is always a celebrity to swoon over, whether it's because of his ongoing romance with actress Angel Locsin; his moves on the pitch for the ever-popular national football team; or his forays into coaching, public speaking, and mall
We revisit our short chat with the hunky footballer, where he talks about his personal sense of style and how a girl can dress to get his attention.
Here at Cosmo, we've sidled up to so many celebs and squeezed out so many quoteworthy tidbits from them, it would be a shame not to share them with our readers!Take for example the short chat we had with James
Your favorite models wear the holiday trends you and your guy can nab at a local fashion store! (Plus: Spot James and Phil Younghusband, Anton del Rosario, and other hunks!)
As you start heading off for exciting holiday trips (and making travel plans for 2012), be sure to stock your closet with travel-friendly pieces that are versatile enough to take you anywhere. Clearing out your schedule and plotting your itinerary are
Enjoy this super cute <i>and</i> hot video of James during his Centerfold shoot, complete with a very candid interview. Swoon!
We send our thoughts and prayers to the Younghusbands in this difficult time, and look back on their warm relationship with their family.
In times of personal tragedy, often the best we can do to console someone is by sending them our positive thoughts and prayers.It was reported that Phil and James Younghusband's mother, Susan Placer-Younghusband, passed away last Saturday due to
Your favorite footballers have found a solution to physical pains, and now they give you their best advice on healing an aching heart.
We love the Azkals not just because they're gorgeous, but because they're able to raise spirits across the nation. They train hard, they overcome obstacles, they've traveled a rough path to get where they are now--and they don'
Can't get enough of these charming athletes? Then you'll get a kick out of the new fan mag dedicated to the <i>Azkals!</i> Read on for what's in store.
Calling all Azkals fan girls! We know you've been craving for anything and everything Philippine football since these gorgeous boys rose to fame. Well, here's a treat to satisfy that Azkals appetite: a hefty dose of your favorite players (and
Cosmo got up-close and personal with these hunky football players from the Azkals! Listen in as they tell us about their travels, and how much they love Pinays! Swoon!
"We just love being in the Philippines. Nowhere else really compares." James and Phil talk about their passions and why we Pinays are the best!
They've won the hearts of girls all over the country. Whether you're a sports fan or not, it's impossible to miss these boys representing the Philippines with the Azkals football team on televised games and modeling on billboards all
Everybody's talking about the hottest boys in Philippine sports. And now this nationalistic local brand has got them wearing their <i>Pinoy</i> pride, quite literally, on their sleeves.
One name has brought all eyes on Philippine football, and it is Younghusband. Be honest, how up-to-date were you on the sport before English-Filipino brothers James and Phil came onto the scene? Chances are, unless you were already a columnist Bianca Valerio chats with the famous brothers from Team Azkals about nationalism, fashion, and why they like girls who make the first move.
Hosting the Collezione-C2 press launch allowed me to get Phil and James Younghusband, the newest ambassadors of the top retail brand (watch for's feature on this!), to spill the beans on their type of women (even if it
These hot, hot, HOT Fil-Brit football players from the Azkals (Philippine Team) have been making Cosmo chicks swoon since 2009! Check them out here!
The online community, sports media channels, showbiz, and just about everyone in the country is buzzing about the Philippine National Football Team called the Azkals--not only for bringing us national pride in the field of sports, but also for having such
No, we're not done yet with our December Online Hunk! Find out what Pinay qualities charm this Fil-Brit hottie!<br />
See our Online Hunk shed the suave demeanor and put a tough face on as he channels the newest Bond actor.
Watch behind-the-scenes footage of how we turned this half-British football hottie into his namesake James Bond.
Wouldn't it just be dreamy if our Online Hunk picked you up in a spanking new BMW--looking as dashing as this?
Our football-playing Online Hunk keeps it suave this week as he plays 007 of the 70s and 80s!
See the half-British footballer ditch sportswear and take on four of the famous faces of Agent 007 this month!
There's nothing like a visit from hunky James and Phil Younghusband to brighten up a working Monday!