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Japanese and Korean women seem to think so.
I realize what you're about to read might contribute to your LaCroix addiction, and for that I'm sorry. What I'm not sorry about is the facial cleansing hack I'm about to get you hooked
Here's your Japanese makeup shopping checklist!
Shopping for makeup in Japan can get a bit overwhelming, especially if you step into one of the branches of the famous Matsumoto Kiyoshi or Don Quijote, where products are stacked like they're preparing for the apocalypse. Plus, the country has
We're making it easier for you to hoard your favorites!
If you're worried about running out of your favorite beauty finds from Japan, don't! We came up with this handy guide, so you'll know where to buy them in the Philippines. Ready to start shopping for backups? Read on!
From enzyme pods to foot peels!
Ahhhhhh, Japan-the land of sushi, Gudetama, and women who don't seem to age. Want to know how they keep their beauty game on point? Here are some products that they swear by:Kanebo Suisai Beauty Clear PowderThese cute little
Including some from our favorite homegrown brands!
When you hear the words "Asian beauty," you probably think of your go-to Korean and Japanese brands. A lot of popular beauty products may come from there, but Asia isn't limited to East Asia-there's the Middle
The Japanese really think of everything.
Who here has shied away from a video call, just because she's too embarrassed to show her makeup-free face? We know we have! And those lucky people who actually get to work from home every day-isn't it kind
Curry and miso soup flavors exist, too!
Trust the Japanese to come up with the craziest innovations! The people at our favorite Asian Beauty Reddit have alerted us to these products that make bath time a hunger-inducing, appetizing affair: food-scented bath powders!According to Rocket News 24,
Don't believe me? Just watch.
Japanese beauty brand Kanebo Evita just released every girl's dream facial cleanser. Dubbed the Evita Beauty Whip, this anti-aging cleanser dispenses a foam in the shape (and smell) of an actual rose. Watch this flower power in full bloom below: