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Just when you thought you couldn't love Yabu more, they hit you with new noms.
I moved back to the province almost a year ago and while I've adjusted to my life here, there's still a piece missing-and that's Yabu. LOL! I *ache* every time I see my friends'
Our mind is *racing* just thinking about this menu's potential.
I know you're busy trying to get through the day-hard same, tbh-but here's some news that'll surely have you smiling from ear to ear. Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC) is planning on partnering with Yoshinoya
They have steamed buns that look like pandas and dogs!
Daiso Japan is known for its affordable items, from kitchen items to random items you probably don't need but still buy because it's cute, useful, or both. Rarely do people go to Daiso Japan for food-that is,
Treat yourself a little.
If you've been missing getting your katsu fix, you'll be overjoyed by Yabu's latest update. They just announced that you can now pre-order your favorite menu items and these will be available for pick-up or delivery via
PSA: Sen-ryo just opened in Podium mall.
Now that a new decade is upon us, you need to toast the year that was. There's no better way to do that than with a meal you won't soon forget. Sen-ryo, a respected restaurant in Japan,
Its purpose is part of an old Japanese tradition.
I don't know about you, but whenever I get sushi takeout, I get way too excited. I usually rip the tape that keeps the plastic cover on, scrape off the blob of wasabi off the tray, and pick out the
Our honest reviews of Marugame Udon!
It's been a while since we've given our honest food reviews on somethng that's not milk tea (see here, here, here, and here) or dessert. In fact, our last Is It Worth The Hype? review of
There's no such thing as too much sushi.
For the most extra party ever, there's no better centerpiece than a sushi cake. It's no surprise that Sushi Nori, known for their overloaded sushi rolls, has their own version. Their Sushi Cake (P1,299) is a towering
33 days to celebrate Ippudo's 33rd anniversary!
Can you believe it? It's October, and there's definitely a chill in the air. What better way to stay warm than with a giant bowl of ramen? To celebrate Ippudo's 33rd anniverdary (and its fourth year
Keep an eye out for these snacks the next time you're in Japan!
It's common knowledge that Japan is one of the most expensive places in the world-for both locals and tourists. If you're planning on visiting (and shopping in) Japan, we suggest scrimping where you can so you stay
Who else is in the mood for ramen now?
Located in Baclaran-on the 4th floor of Victory Food market, to be exact-Yokocho is a Japanese-themed food court you'll never want to leave. Most of the dishes are affordable, never exceeding P350. Plus, they have beer, so grab
Your favorite lunchtime 'healthy' snack may contain more calories than you think...
This is a bad week for sushi lovers who have been told we've probably been eating sushi wrong this whole time and now, that "healthy" option you just had for lunch may not be as good for you as you think.
No, we're not making this up.
Out of all the different cuisines to choose from, Japanese food has got to be the least affordable. Sure, there are definitely hole-in-the-wall Japanese places out there, but you'll probably be sacrificing quality for the price. And even
Let me shoyu the world.
Shin-Yokohama Raumen Museum was the first ever food-themed amusement park in the whole world. The whole point of the museum is to have all the best bowls of ramen in one place. The set-up is reminiscent of 1950s Japan,
Mind. Blown. Stomach. Rumbling.
You've never seen a spicy tuna roll like this before, and odds are you'll never want a regular one again after seeing these beauties. (Or, OK, you will, but you'll want the cookie version more, because cookies.)Introducing Instagram
Curry and miso soup flavors exist, too!
Trust the Japanese to come up with the craziest innovations! The people at our favorite Asian Beauty Reddit have alerted us to these products that make bath time a hunger-inducing, appetizing affair: food-scented bath powders!According to Rocket News 24,
Food porn at its finest.
So who doesn't looove watching food videos, huh?Here, we have a little something that will most definitely satisfy your cravings, with one of our absolute fave cuisines, Japanese food!Asakusa: Home of Tempura gave us a super special treat by
P.S. And the whole Magalona clan was there!
Instagram/maxenemagalonaMaxene Magalona and boyfie Rob Mananquil jetted off to Tokyo this past week for a pre-Valentine's celebration-including Max's whole fam, of course!This Tokyo vacay marked the first time the Kapamilya actress and her model boyfie travelled
These guys have thought of every.darn.thing. And we mean EVERY thing.
Some of the inventions here are incredibly impractical yet super impressive (they're also the most ridiculous-looking ones we've ever seen!). Launch our gallery and get ready to LOL-these Japanese creations are GENIUS!
Think you've tried all Japanese restos in the metro? Well, there's a new place that will give you and your guy a fusion dining experience you've never had before. Check it out this weekend!
In the middle of Fort Bonifacio is a quaint Japanese restaurant named Rose that is just as romantic as its name would suggest. If you and your guy are craving something new to spice up your date life, this could be it!