These cuties are making us ~gigil~.
It's no secret that Maymay Entrata is actually pretty close to Edward Barber's older sister Laura! I mean, Laura even flew to Dubai to support her during Arab Fashion Week and Maymay was present during Laura's
Sometimes 'clinginess' can turn into emotional abuse.
Clingy partners are the worst, especially if having alone time is something super important to you and your mental well-being. But, there's a line between, "Wants to spend time with me because they like me," and "Yeah, they'
If you're going to be jealous, do it the right way.
Jealousy in a relationship has made for some of the best songs of all time (who among us hasn't drunkenly scream-sang the words to "Dancing On My Own" at least twice??). But within the actual relationship, admitting the tiniest
Uh okay, whatever, Justin.
Justin Bieber was recently seen cozying up to a woman named Baskin Champion (greatest name of all time), and apparently, their night out was part of a highly petty attempt to make Selena Gomez jealous while she chills on a yacht in
Are you the Paranoid Selosa, the Pushover Selosa, or the Mother of All Selosas?
For all your confidence and self-assuredness, you've actually got insecurities deep inside, which makes you prone to bouts of jealousy. But you won't just sit back and stew in it, oh hell no. You'll blow up in the
Nothing wrong with being jelly.
Feeling a sudden, irrepressible wave of envy towards your best friend can make you feel like the worst person in the world. They're supposed to be your closest friend and you should feel happy for them! Yet, as your anxiety
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