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Dream job!
Flight attendants are always busy and on-the-go, and that's partly why their job is so fascinating. From handling pressure gracefully while thousands of feet in the air, to the many job perks-the layovers, the 'free'
She has some ~unexpected~ things in her cabin crew handbag!
Flight attendants lead busy yet fascinating lives-they're constantly on the go and it seems like they're in a new place every day. If you've always wondered what they carry around while they're on
Learn long-lasting makeup tips here!
We were lucky to take a peek at flight attendant and YouTuber Jen Barangan's makeup routine. We were happy to see that she used products we love ourselves-including BB cream and cheek tint. We're confident that we
Check out her ~special~ cabin crew essentials!
If you've always wondered what's inside a flight attendant's carry-on luggage, Jen Barangan is here to give us a peek. We raided her carry-on to check out her cabin crew essentials, and were surprised