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Her mismatched earrings are so on point.
Meghan Markle just added a Welsh gold wedding band to her jewelry box after marrying Prince Harry almost a month ago. But the new Duchess of Sussex already owns quite an array of rings and bangles. While she only just gained access
And it was a gift from Harry. *sobs*
While everyone was talking about the very James Bond silver blue Jaguar E-Type chosen by Harry to drive his wife to their ~private~ reception, we noticed something else:On Meghan's right ring finger was a sparkly new jewel, and
We're kind of convinced to a wear a pair, too!
When you stalk on IG for a living, you can't help but notice the latest fashion (or beauty) obsessions of celebs. Case in ppint: Elisse Joson's infatuation with big statement earrings. This super long pair will look great 
Multiple ear piercings for those going for a ~*feminine*~ aesthetic.
At the beginning of the year, we declared that the cluster ear-piercing trend will be huge. And since we've seen so many posts about it on IG, we decided to collate the daintiest ones perfect for multiple piercing first-
Tres chic.
The ever-chic Heart Evangelista certainly knows her fashion-and her Instagram. And while it helps that her home and travel destinations make very worthy Instagram backdrops, we can't deny her keen eye for style.Here are tricks you can try:
Who says jewelry has to be expensive?
Looking for some cute accessories to take your OOTD to the next level? Check out local jewelry brand A&I Supply Co.'s eye-catching pieces, specifically their chic Inspiration Bands. We couldn't stop obsessing over this store, especially