We're crazy about these.
Logomania, with all its interlocking Cs and LVs, is still popular, but if we're talking about wearing more meaningful messages, you might want to consider a slogan instead. Which leads us to the topic at hand: Have you checked out
It's the year of piercings, y'all.
If you've scrolled through Instagram in the last, IDK, three months, you're well aware that ear piercings are having a moment. Like, it seems everyone collectively agreed that those basic-ass piercings you got at the mall in
Check out where you can buy them!
While summer may be officially over, the accessories we've been spotting on Instagram say otherwise. Meet beach- and ocean-inspired jewelry; hair clips, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets that were influenced by the Philippine seas. If you want to get in
With pretty ears come great responsibility.
It's nice to have one earring on each lobe, but the idea of cluster ear piercings seems enticing! Having a set of jewelry draped on your ear looks fancy and cool AF. If you've always wanted to have
Because Aquarius season has officially rolled in.
Consulting the stars for wisdom is totally your morning ritual, isn't it? Thought so. If you're a big horoscope aficionado, we've got just the thing for you-here, a quick roundup of shops you can buy
Who says you can't get yourself a V-Day gift?
Valentine's Day is just around the corner. If you're already dreading the holiday, don't worry. You don't have to feel left out, because who says single people can't celebrate V-Day? Single
Pranca offers the most beautiful modern pieces you'll want to invest in.
Starting your own jewelry collection can be a daunting task, especially in your twenties. After all, it's your own hard-earned money that's on the line. You'll want to invest in pieces that you will wear
Just in time for the holidays!
Some of you Cosmo Girls have probably gotten that sweet, sweet 13th month pay, and we're here to remind you to treat yourself this Christmas, too! Check out these stylish, affordable items we found at the Lazada and Zalora 12.
They're adorably called 'salt-and-pepper diamonds!'
Admit it: If you see yourself getting married in the future, you've probably planned your dream wedding to a T, and nothing but the perfect diamond engagement ring will do! But if we told you that imperfect diamonds were just
We've got exclusive details from the actress herself!
Heart Evangelista's travels are nothing if not mesmerizing. We can always count on her to serve us looks, whether she's casually walking through the streets of Tokyo or catching the attention of international designers at New York Fashion
What are Heart's wardrobe staples?
If you've caught yourself scrolling through Heart Evangelista's Instagram (and liking every pic she posts, no shame) or thanking the style gods that she finally has her own vlog on YouTube, we don't blame you-she&#
BRB, saving up.
If you're caught up on What's Wrong With Secretary Kim?, then you know that Kim Mi So is lightly teased about how she repeats outfits. But in her defense, when you work for a perfectionist, most of your
Her mismatched earrings are so on point.
Meghan Markle just added a Welsh gold wedding band to her jewelry box after marrying Prince Harry almost a month ago. But the new Duchess of Sussex already owns quite an array of rings and bangles. While she only just gained access
And it was a gift from Harry. *sobs*
While everyone was talking about the very James Bond silver blue Jaguar E-Type chosen by Harry to drive his wife to their ~private~ reception, we noticed something else:On Meghan's right ring finger was a sparkly new jewel, and
We're kind of convinced to a wear a pair, too!
When you stalk on IG for a living, you can't help but notice the latest fashion (or beauty) obsessions of celebs. Case in ppint: Elisse Joson's infatuation with big statement earrings. This super long pair will look great
Multiple ear piercings for those going for a ~*feminine*~ aesthetic.
At the beginning of the year, we declared that the cluster ear-piercing trend will be huge. And since we've seen so many posts about it on IG, we decided to collate the daintiest ones perfect for multiple piercing first-
Tres chic.
The ever-chic Heart Evangelista certainly knows her fashion-and her Instagram. And while it helps that her home and travel destinations make very worthy Instagram backdrops, we can't deny her keen eye for style.Here are tricks you can try:
Who says jewelry has to be expensive?
Looking for some cute accessories to take your OOTD to the next level? Check out local jewelry brand A&I Supply Co.'s eye-catching pieces, specifically their chic Inspiration Bands. We couldn't stop obsessing over this store, especially
This is what you need to know about keeping them fresh and clean (and not lost!).
Getting engaged is a wonderful thing, and the ring you now have is most likely gorgeous, but it also probably cost a lot of money, meaning you want to protect it and keep it nice. Enter Grant Mobley, gemologist and director of
Who's excited to see the entire collection?
KC Concepcion has a jewelry line that will be launched in a few days, and we can't be any more excited. In an Instgram post published today, March 17, KC revealed that she is trying to be calm before the
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