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Rain and Kim Bum's upcoming series will be available on the app *soon*!
Don't you just love it when you can watch your favorite K-dramas anytime you want? Unlike before when we have to ~patiently wait~ for an episode to air on TV on a certain timeslot, we now have streaming apps
They took home a huge amount from their recent K-dramas!
Hallyu queens Song Hye Kyo and Jun Ji Hyun are reportedly the highest-paid Korean actresses of 2021!In an exclusive report by Korean news site Hankook Ilbo, industry insiders disclosed that the two actresses were paid over 200 million won (around
He has appeared in three dramas this year!
If you're an avid K-drama fan, chances are you've already spotted veteran actor Jo Han Chul in some series. When he's not living in a seaside village with his only daughter, you'll see
Did you know that he’s also an award-winning model?
If you're a fan of zombie shows, then you've probably already watched all seasons of historical K-series Kingdom out on Netflix and are eagerly awaiting season 3. Handsome and talented actor Ju Ji Hoon is the face of the
Spoiler alert: Mountain rangers had to rescue us. And yes, they looked like a K-drama oppa.
Back in 2016, I made one of the craziest but most fulfilling decisions yet: I took a two-month leave from work for an unpaid internship in South Korea. It was really on a whim, but when I got in and all
Her childhood dream is to become a flight attendant!
With her long-running career (she's been in the industry for more than two decades), Jun Ji Hyun is recognized as one of South Korea's top Hallyu stars. Her K-drama appearances might be rare but she'
Here’s where else you can watch K-dramaland’s ultimate father figure.
Veteran actor Sung Dong Il is everyone's favorite appa! You've seen him play the father to three different daughters from various editions of the popular Reply series. He even starred in the variety show Dad! Where Are We Going? with
It's from the writer of 'Kingdom' and director of 'Goblin!'
ICYMI: tvN's most anticipated K-drama of the year has *finally* premiered! Over the weekend, Jirisan swept the internet and became a trending topic on Twitter. Additionally, it achieved the highest weekend drama premiere ratings. And because we're
Who are you dressing up as this year?
You don't need to spend lots on a memorable Halloween costume. You just need to be creative and nail the key elements of whoever you're imitating. If K-dramas have been your lifeline lately, why not dress up as one
From a sageuk drama to a thriller film!
Hallyu fans, the final quarter of 2021 is going to be *extra* exciting with iQIYI's lineup of K-dramas and movies! The leader of streaming entertainment in Asia is already chock-full of our all-time favorites (like A Werewolf
Most of her works are top-rating and critically acclaimed!
Whether you're a hardcore K-drama fan or you just started binge-watching Korean shows, you have probably heard of Netflix's Kingdom-you know, that historical-slash-zombie thriller that everyone's talking about. And in case