A career expert weighs in on the best response to this tricky question!
Job interviews are never fun. But there are some questions that seem to put you under more pressure than others. "What are your weaknesses?" is one, followed by "Why do you want to work for us?"To help you answer the latter,
Is there etiquette when it comes to being on time?
Job interviews are stressful. What are you supposed to wear? How do you answer tough questions? What time are you even meant to arrive? Timing can be tricky etiquette, because many regard it as rude to be early as it is to
How to deal when an interviewer goes AWOL.
Getting ghosted after a great date stings. Getting ghosted after interviewing for your dream job sucks even more. Per a recent survey by recruiting software company iCIMS, 76 percent of people say that not hearing back from a potential employer is more
Social media is a source for potential employers to learn about you.
Historically, a good CV and a winning interview are the two requisites in landing a new job, but increasingly employers are turning to social media to find out more about prospective candidates.As we all know, social media-whether Instagram, Twitter, or
It's the summer job of a lifetime.
Prepare to re-think your summer plans, because travel company Busabout are offering up the chance for a group of social media lovers to travel across Europe and document their experience.They'll select four lucky people, who will be given
According to an annual report by Workabroad.ph.
These days, it seems like everyone wants to experience working and living abroad-even if it's just temporarily. The truth is, however, it's insanely competitive; the list of in-demand jobs is short and you'll have
Are you regretting your big professional move?
When you leave a job, with the exception of a family emergency, it's almost always for an even better offer: more money, more freedom, more room for growth. At least, ideally, that's what's supposed to happen.Everything looks ~*shinier*~
Fancy a career change?
If you're in the market for a career change and fancy polishing the glass slippers in the back of your wardrobe, step right this way: Disney are looking for princes and princesses to join their cruise ships. AMAZING.After Disneyland Paris'
It's a good thing it's anonymous.
The ADMU Rantbox is a Facebook page that features anonymous rants from members of the Ateneo de Manila University (AdMU) community. As of 11 a.m. on Wednesday, August 30, the page has 1,663 likes and 1,707 followers.It so
Just breathe, girl.
If there's one thing about the job hunt we all secretly hate, it's the anxiety brought on by relentlessly refreshing our emails or waiting for the phone to ring. Heck, it's more nerve-wracking to not hear back from
How long should you wait?
Looking for the right job is a looong process. From the moment you create a resume to when you're #blessed with a job interview, it could take weeks before you even hear back. (Globally, the average waiting time is three weeks,
Who should it be?
A common misconception most people have when submitting a job application is thinking that references are only supposed to be former bosses or employers. Wrong. While you definitely shouldn't put your mother down as a reference, think about people-who aren'
We understand your frustration.
Before I landed my current job, I was job-hunting for a really long time. And it wasn't just because I couldn't find the perfect one. As a fresh grad, I didn't want to apply for jobs I knew
This career coach and speaker explains why one straight career path doesn't have to be your only option.
Everyone knows that person who always knew they wanted to be a doctor, a chef, a musician-and look! They're doing it! Meanwhile, you might be cycling through jobs, trying to figure out what it is you really want to do.
You are so not alone.
Let's be real: Graduating sucks. You're saying goodbye to parties, endless pizza, and people you like. And it just rubs it all in when you shake your college president's hand not having secured a job. You think you've
24-year-old Kayra Magracia gets real about the pros and cons of working from home.
These days, more people are walking away from traditional jobs with strict office hours and opting for gigs or rakets they can do at home. A common job? To be a virtual assistant. As the position suggests, virtual assistants help business owners
Everything you need to know to calm those nerves before your phone rings.
When I had my first phone interview, I didn't know what to expect. I submitted an internship application, and they got back to me within the day with a request for a phone interview. Though it wasn't a total disaster,
Well...It depends.
When was the last time you edited your CV? Was it when you and the rest of your batch followed the same template before your college graduation? If the answer is yes, then you most likely have an "objective" section on your
Don't let these questions throw you off your game.
We've taught you how to survive this notoriously annoying interview question: "Tell me about yourself." But, unfortunately, it doesn't end there. The next hurdle is when the person in between you and your dream job asks you about your strengths
Here's the only formula you need to survive this not-so-easy question.
I still remember the first time I heard, "So tell me about yourself," during a job interview. It seemed so casual that I didn't even really consider it as part of the interview. "Tell me about yourself" is an employer's
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