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Looks like there's a lot of hope for business recovery even amid a pandemic.
With the easing of quarantine restrictions and more businesses being allowed to open, there were fewer unemployed Filipinos in July compared to April 2020. According to the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), the country's unemployment rate went from 17.7 percent
As well as the average salary, according to JobStreet.
No one knew how life-altering the COVID-19 pandemic was in the beginning of the year, and college seniors are just a handful of people whose lives were very much impacted by the coronavirus.On spending what would have been the
And she's learned from every single one of them.
Millennials are notorious for jumping from one job to another. Unlike the previous generations, staying with one company for 25 years just doesn't seem feasible (or even appealing) to us-even if it's the more stable or secure
According to an annual report by
These days, it seems like everyone wants to experience working and living abroad-even if it's just temporarily. The truth is, however, it's insanely competitive; the list of in-demand jobs is short and you'll have
Pay attention to the beauty looks, too!
Many Filipinas have a not-so-secret wish to become flight attendants-the interest in our appropriately themed stories are proof of that. And while we've come to learn that it's a career that's not always glamorous and requires
This career coach and speaker explains why one straight career path doesn't have to be your only option.
Everyone knows that person who always knew they wanted to be a doctor, a chef, a musician-and look! They're doing it! Meanwhile, you might be cycling through jobs, trying to figure out what it is you really want to do.
Better update that resume!
If you're looking to work abroad, several things may up your chances, including your education, your foreign language proficiency, and of course, the hiring rates of the country you're planning to work in.According to a survey of
If you thought your job was dull, well, it might be.
If you thought your job was dull, well, it might be-if it has made it onto this list, that is.Stressful jobs are one thing, but feeling as though you are literally counting down the minutes of the day while the
Top finance, HR and IT professionals in the Philippines seem to enjoy a 20%-30% pay rise when moving jobs.
Specialists and highly skilled professionals working in the Philippines received a salary increase between 20 percent and 40 percent when moving jobs in 2016, according to a report issued by professional recruitment consultancy Robert Walters. It also predicted that "qualified professionals moving
What would success look like to her?
Unless your new job title is Duchess of Cambridge or Dictator of a Small Country, you report to someone. Make that person's life as easy as possible from day one, and only good things will happen for you.1. Figure out
You hate your boss, and the feeling is probably mutual.
You have to REALLY drag yourself to work every. single. day.You dread going to work because 1. You have a toxic job; 2. You don't want to see your boss; 3. You haven't completed your projects yet; and 4.
That pub crawl photo? Untag yourself!
Before Facebook and other social media platforms were born, managers typically performed background checks by speaking directly with past employers. These days, however, they now turn to the internet for additional research to screen potential job candidates.As opposed to making a
Does the job you're applying for call for something more creative than a one-page sheet listing your achievements? Try making your own video resume. Follow these tips.
Most of the biggest stars in the world weren't born famous. Find out what celebs like Brad Pitt, Lady Gaga, and Diether Ocampo did before the fame.
At some point in your life, you've wondered what it might be like to be famous. You've daydreamed about being a famous actress. You've imagined the kind of life you'd have if you were