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Fans are convinced it's about to drop.
In case you hadn't noticed, Taylor "HER MIND" Swift released yet another (surprise) album last week, and the internet is positively replete with conspiracy theories. Like, did you know that "Dorothea" is about Selena Gomez? You do now.But there&#
The best part of 'Miss Americana' is what we don't see.
Taylor Swift's Miss Americana Netflix documentary dropped on January 31, 2020, and if you're looking for an intimate look at the singer's life, you're probably only going to love half the content. The film
He! Is! All! Up! In! This!
The day we've been waiting for has arrived. Taylor Swift's new Netflix documentary Miss Americana is finally here! And if you're wondering if we'd finally get an inside look at her relationship with Joe Alwyn, the
I'm weeping.
So not only did Miley Cyrus release a completely devastating song about her breakup with Liam Hemsworth, but Taylor Swift also dropped "Lover"-which is pretty much the exact opposite of what Miley delivered-during the same week last year. Both songs
We see you, Taylor!
Joe Alwyn meandered onto the Golden Globes red carpet solo, causing everyone to assume that Cats star Taylor Swift wouldn't be joining him on the red carpet. But EVERYONE WAS WRONG, OKAY?Taylor appears to have snuck into the Golden
And some people think it means there's a collab coming.
Hello, people of the internet. Today, we were blessed with the knowledge that Harry Styles' new album, titled Fine Line, will be released on December 13. Before you go and mark that on your calendar and obsessively count down the literal
She's not here for your sexist questions, umkay?!
Taylor Swift's media tour for her new album/single (you might recall that very happy, spelling-is-fun song "ME!") has been filled with many gems so far, including Taylor revealing that she thinks that shaving cream is soap (it&#
Her friends say she's never felt anything like this before.
Gather round, people, because this Taylor Swift/Joe Alwyn relationship update is so cute it's going to make you nauseated in the best possible way. A source just told People that being secretive about everything is one of the major
This photo proves that she's *very* dedicated.
Taylor Swift is trying her hand at this whole acting thing, and as part of getting into character for her role in the movie Cats, she's fully embracing her new identity as a literal cat. Rebel Wilson posted an Instagram
What a year.
What's your favorite Marvel movie? Cool. This one is better. The cast is phenomenal, the direction (by Ryan Coogler) is on point, and the message is essential. Wakanda forever.Based on the fantasy novel by Madeleine L'Engle, this
How different things could have been.
Love Actually is one of those movies we know everything about. We've pulled out the plot holes, gone into excruciating detail about why Juliet is the worst, and asked all the questions that still need answering about the movie 15 (!)
Including all those 'Reputation' references.
Taylor Swift is currently dating actor Joe Alwyn and the couple have done a very good job of keeping their relationship shrouded in mystery. But here's a timeline with as much information as we could find. It's been
But it's unlikely to come as a surprise.
It sounds like Taylor Swift might have a ring on her hand soon after reports have surfaced claiming that Joe Alwyn is already brainstorming the perfect proposal.Despite keeping their private life firmly under wraps, a source told Us Weekly that the
Here's what we know after watching his new movie, 'The Favourite.'
Warning: The Favourite spoilers ahead.Joe Alwyn, British movie star and Taylor Swift's better half, has a new movie. In The Favourite, Joe plays Samuel Masham, an attractive courtier who falls for one of the servants, Abigail Hill (Emma Stone).
The cat's out of the suitcase.
Looks like someone forgot to tell Zayn Malik that Taylor Swift doesn't want people to know she travels in suitcases.Hold on, back up. What?Remember last July when a photo agency released an image of two hulking men lifting
Girl is working hard to keep their relationship private!
Taylor Swift loves love, and she loves her boyfriend Joe Alwyn, but one thing that she does not love is being public about her love for Joe Alwyn. In fact, they are so private about their relationship that Taylor literally snuck into
The time has come.
Taylor Swift and actor Joe Alwyn have been keeping their relationship hush-hush since they started dating in 2016, but Joe is finally ready to break his silence on their relationship. And thank goodness he's ready because people are legit
Taylor def scored herself a hottie!
Hello! While the rest of us are over here trying to convince ourselves/the world that bike shorts totally count as pants, Taylor Swift's boyfriend is in Venice putting us all to shame with his ~FASHION~.Joe Alwyn made a
Get. Ready. To. Creep.
LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. This is a very important PSA. Joe Alwyn, also known as Taylor Swift's boyfriend, just made his Instagram public. While there are no actual pictures of T. Swift on it (sry), there are some other very important
The movie looks INSANE.
The insanely talented Emma Stone is back at it again with another wacky movie role. Literally crazy, in fact. She's playing a key part in The Favourite, an upcoming period dramedy/historic biopic based on true events in the royal