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From fighting burnout to improving self-esteem.
Journaling has become super-popular in recent years, but it's not all about snapping pictures of your gorgeous layouts for the 'gram - keeping a mental health journal or a bullet journal can be really good for your mental wellbeing, too."Many
The rest is still unwritten. ;)
In my line of work, I get a lot of free journals and diaries and notepads-especially around January. New year, new me or wuteva. And you'd think I'd be sick of it but actually, it's
It'll be about her thoughts on everything 'from beauty and fashion to philosophy and politics.'
Now a college freshman in New York, Frankie Pangilinan revealed that she'll be launching an online journal called Simone Says. Frankie, whose full name is Simone Francesca Emmanuelle Pangilinan, said it's "a journal, an archive of art, and a culmination
You'll want all the colors.
Christmas is roughly two months away and you know that means? The annual Starbucks Christmas Planner frenzy's right around the corner! Get ready to down all the beverages that you can because their new planners and travel organizers for the
It includes weekly reflections, a self-care routine list, and more!
Did you know that there are less than three months left, not only in 2019, but in the entire decade?! Let that sink in for a second...Done? Okay, good. Ready for the '20s? This new era will likely bring about
If a planner isn't for you, try bullet journaling!
Though the idea of rapid logging is still bullet journaling's best quality, the system's knack for functionality and customization is what makes us love it even more. The idea of having your own setup that tracks your personal tasks, priorities,
A tech blackout might just be exactly what you need right now.
Nobody appreciates the digital world more than we do, but even we can admit that it's good to take a break from staring at a screen all day. Journaling is something you can do as an alternative. Most people think journaling
Cheers to more adventures (and caffeine)!
Out with the old, in with the new. You are going to OWN 2015, so make every memory count and chronicle all your adventures and resolutions. Here are a few journals and planners we can't wait to use next year: Coffee