Bianca Consunji has worked for Mashable and Bustle.
When Bianca Consunji was accepted into Columbia University's Masters of Science in Journalism program, she thought she'd stay in New York for a maximum of two years before returning to Manila. Now, six years later, she's built a successful
'You know, you're just a f***ing employee.'
Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) chief Gina Lopez reportedly unleashed the F-word when she got irked by the questions asked by BusinessWorld reporter Janina Lim. InterAksyon reports that the incident happened on Wednesday, April 5.Lopez said that Lim
Jean-Michel Maire kissed a woman's right breast on air.
French journalist Jean-Michel Maire is in hot water after he sexually assaulted a female dancer during a live TV game show 35 Hours of Baba.According to a report from Metro, Maire and the 21-year-old Soraya were initially reenacting
An open letter from news organizations, student publications, and citizen advocates.
The Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism has released a statement that "tackles critical issues concerning press freedom, the long-overdue passage of the Freedom of Information law, and incoming president Rodrigo Duterte's controversial statement on the media killings." The text below,
See the practical items this Fun, Fearless Female Awardee for 2012 brought to her magazine shoot!
As a human rights journalist, Pat Evangelista often finds herself in situations where she needs to be prepared for anything. Armed with her trusty video camera, a notebook, and other tools of the trade, this Fun, Fearless Female Awardee for 2012 is
Be inspired by the crusades of the Storyteller and the Radical Poet who are among this year's Fun, Fearless Female Awardees!
This journalist fearlessly uses her work to champion human rights and bring to light controversial issues. Let this daring chick be your life peg.
Behind every news story is a journalist who worked hard to report the facts. But some journalists go above and beyond the call of duty and strive to actively search for people whose stories need to be told. Fun, Fearless Female Awardee
The charming journalist tries his hand at modeling in this month's issue. See photos from his outdoor shoot, and read his handwritten answers to our Cosmo quiz!
We in the Cosmo team are thrilled to finally get news reporter Atom Araullo as our Man On Fire because not only have we been fans of his since his 5 And Up days, we've also wanted him on our pages
The hunky broadcast journalist graces the pages of Cosmo for the first time! Watch interview excerpts and footage from his laid-back shoot.
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