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Don't be afraid to go at your own pace!
Being organized isn't easy, but it can be done. The simple things like setting reminders for events and listing important to-dos on your phone can definitely go a long way, but let's be real, iba pa rin
It's the best time to pick up a new hobby and put those notebooks to use.
Admit it, we're probably not the only ones with a pile of extra ~cute~ but painfully unused notebooks quietly stacked on our tables. While they're pretty to look at, maybe it's time you dust off the
It'll be about her thoughts on everything 'from beauty and fashion to philosophy and politics.'
Now a college freshman in New York, Frankie Pangilinan revealed that she'll be launching an online journal called Simone Says. Frankie, whose full name is Simone Francesca Emmanuelle Pangilinan, said it's "a journal, an archive of art, and a culmination
It includes weekly reflections, a self-care routine list, and more!
Did you know that there are less than three months left, not only in 2019, but in the entire decade?! Let that sink in for a second...Done? Okay, good. Ready for the '20s? This new era will likely bring about
Meet over thirty makers and score their kawaii merch!
Crafting and paper lovers, rejoice! PaperCon PH is happening on October 5, 2019 at The Elements At Centris in Quezon City. Get ready for an overload of everything kawaii and dainty at this one-day fair. Think notebooks, stickers for journaling, washi
Get ready for 2019!
2019 is just around the corner, and if you're like us, you probably have a few things already scheduled for the new year. Make those plans more concrete by jotting them down in one of these pretty planners! Pick one
365 days, 12 new chapters!
If you're like me and you love writing everything down, then you're probably counting the days until it's 2018 so you can finally start a new journal or planner! Here are some of our favorites, just
If a planner isn't for you, try bullet journaling!
Though the idea of rapid logging is still bullet journaling's best quality, the system's knack for functionality and customization is what makes us love it even more. The idea of having your own setup that tracks your personal tasks, priorities,
There’s one guaranteed to suit your personality.
The planner mania has officially begun. Your favorite coffee shops have started their sticker-collecting promos, while bookstores have dedicated a specific section just for planners. Out of the dozens out there, which one should you spend your entire 2017 with? Allow
Headlines, hot news, and conversation starters on September 8, 2016!
1 We suspected there was trouble in paradise for Gab Valenciano and Tricia Centenera after the two posted a series of cryptic messages on social media. Now, exclusively reports what might be at the root of their split. According to
You're welcome, Potterheads.
We're losing our shit over this ~*magical*~ Harry Potter: Gryffindor Deluxe Stationery Set, in honor of Hogwarts' bravest house!Inside, you'll find a 192-page journal, a wax stamp with two wax sticks, stationery for letters, envelopes, and a paperweight-