This girl is on fire.
Most of us mere mortals would veer away from wearing blinding, bright colors that would bring attention to ourselves such as cherry red, but that certainly isn't the case for actress-model Maymay Entrata.With legs for days and a statuesque
In case you decided a gown just isn't for you.
Tradition tells us to wear a sweeping gown for our big day, but since it's 2017, who says you have to follow this rule to a T? If you're in the mood to forego conventional styles, do so with a
All the elegance without the effort.
When adulting gets in the way, and choosing clothes is the last thing on your mind, jumpsuits are your saving grace. They're polished but ridiculously easy to put on, making them the perfect choice for lazy days, IDGAF mornings, and last-
Such a breeze to pull off!
Instagram/songofstyleDresses are standard summer attire, but if you want to be a little experimental, consider a jumpsuit instead. It's as easy to wear, since you don't have to stress about what goes with what-just slip one on and
Too <i>tamad</i> to pick an outfit? A grown-up onesie is your best bet.
An ultra chic romper is definitely a Cosmo Girl style staple.Because let's admit it: sometimes, we're just too lazy to put together an entire outfit. Also, a jumpsuit, like your versatile summer dress, would be perfect for hanging by
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