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There's so much in store for this unforgettable cast!
From April to June 2020, The King: Eternal Monarch filled our screens with its epic storyline of parallel worlds, doppelgangers, and unforgettable romance. Although we've moved on to watching other dramas since it wrapped up, we're still curious
We missed them so much!
It's been around five months since The King: Eternal Monarch went off the air and since then, we've just been reliving epic scenes of the fantasy drama in our heads. Sad, no? But it looks like the cast
These spooktacular Korean dramas will keep you up at night.
If you're the type of thrill-seeking viewer who gets a kick out of watching gore, monsters, and malevolent spirits haunting humans, then we've got just the list for you. Even if you're not a K-
They even got to immerse themselves in foreign cultures and learn new languages!
As K-drama enthusiasts, it's only natural to be whipped for certain K-actors and actresses for their charms, visuals, and of course, their acting skills. But aside from being ultra-talented on-screen, a lot of our favorite actors
Some people want a light and enjoyable escape from the real world—and this show definitely is not it.
The story starts off one winter night in 1994 in the Kingdom of Corea, a world where there is no North and South Korea, but a ruling monarchy keeping the country whole. On this night, Lee Lim (Lee Jung Jin) carries out
This is really the end.
WARNING: *Major* spoilers ahead for Episodes 16 of The King: Eternal Monarch! Don't read if you haven't seen the latest episodes yet!D-Day has finally come: We are now down to the very last episode of The
We aren't ready to let go just yet!
The King: Eternal Monarch is coming to an end on Friday, June 12, and I know a lot of us fans are trying so hard to keep our feels together. So before we finally get to know just how Lee Gon (Lee
Where do we even start?!
WARNING: *Major* spoilers ahead for Episodes 14 of The King: Eternal Monarch! Don't read if you haven't seen the latest episode yet!We only had one episode of The King: Eternal Monarch last week, Episode 13, and I
She's not only an actor and model, but a singer as well!
Jung Eun Chae got her biggest break this year in the epic fantasy-slash-sci-fi drama The King: Eternal Monarch where she plays the elegant and ultra-ambitious Prime Minister Gu Seo Ryeong.Even if she's been in the
He's sooo cute!
WARNING: *Minor* spoilers ahead for The King: Eternal Monarch! Don't read if you haven't seen the latest episode yet!Many viewers may have initially watched The King: Eternal Monarch for Lee Min Ho, especially since it's
Let's be honest: We all love Maximus.
Lee Min Ho's comeback drama, The King: Eternal Monarch, aired its first two episodes over the weekend and WE ARE HOOKED. Just imagine: He's a king riding a white horse (I love you, Maximus), who's also
We're obsessed with them already!
So the looong wait is over. The King: Eternal Monarch finally premiered on Netflix and you've probably watched (or rewatched *wink wink*) the first two episodes by now. While there's still so much about the characters and storyline
Lee Min Ho on his comeback: 'I felt like I was where I was supposed to be.'
My OG oppa, Lee Min Ho, was a huge part of my teenage years! I would rush home from school every day instead of hanging out with friends just to catch Boys Over Flowers on TV. What can I say? Curly-haired,
Lee Min Ho is baaack!
Lee Min Ho is starring opposite actress Kim Go Eun for his comeback drama The King: Eternal Monarch. Guess what? It's coming to Netflix on April 17! The sci-fi/fantasy K-drama features two parallel universes: One where an
It will hit our small screens this April!
Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun's latest K-drama, The King: Eternal Monarch, is coming to Netflix this April! The show is about two parallel universes, one that is similar to our modern world and one in which Korea
We did some calculations!
The much-anticipated K-drama, The King: Eternal Monarch, will be arriving on Netflix Philippines this April! And now the only question on everyone's mind is: When will that be, exactly?Soompi reports that The King: Eternal Monarch will be
We're ready to meet Emperor Lee Gon!
For those of us who have been excitedly waiting for Lee Min Ho's small screen comeback, here's some awesome news-we will be able to watch The King: Eternal Monarch in less than a month! And in even