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Lee Yoo Mi is nominated in two categories!
This is it, you guys-our *most awaited* event of the year is about to happen! The Baeksang Arts Awards just announced the nominees for their 58th year but before we go to that, here's a quick guide about the
South Korean K-drama star Jung Hae In just posted a touching tribute to the actress Kim Mi Soo.In an IG post, Hae In featured photos with Mi Soo and other members of the Snowdrop cast. The upload included pictures from
Pursuing his dream was never easy.
Jung Hae In is undeniably one of the biggest stars today and he has led some of our favorite K-dramas and films. But before he made it big in the industry, the 33-year-old had to endure a lot as
Be still, our #HaeSoo hearts-Jung Hae In's latest IG post had us screaming, shouting, shaking, crying, sobbing, and punching the wall because of kilig!The actor recently took to Instagram where he uploaded a photo of a paper plane
More interactions, please!
Every month, more and more K-pop groups and solo artists release albums or singles that even K-pop fans go crazy trying to keep up with sometimes! But what's better than your favorite Korean artist releasing a song or album?
Some advertisers have already pulled out from the drama.
Jung Hae In and BLACKPINK's Jisoo's highly anticipated K-drama Snowdrop just premiered over the weekend and the show has already received backlash.A day after its pilot episode aired, a public petition was made calling for the
We're going to see An Jun Ho and Han Ho Yeol again!
Our long list of ~questions~ will soon have answers, D.P. fans-Netflix just confirmed that the *dark and disturbing K-drama* is set for a second season!Led by Jung Hae In and Goo Kyo Hwan, D.P., or Deserter'
Are you ready for romance + heartache?
Snowdrop, Jisoo and Jung Hae In's much-awaited K-drama, is almost here! The series will tell the story of Su Ho (Hae In), a student from a ~prestigious university~ who rushes into a women's university dorm, covered
From Jung Hae In to Lee Dong Wook!
We're used to seeing our favorite K-drama actors without any beard or mustache but have you ever wondered what they look like with facial hair? Some of them grew it for a role while others decided to skip the
'Snowdrop' is REALLY coming soon! *Wink*
We're all sooo excited for Snowdrop, Jung Hae In and Jisoo's period drama set in 1987! It will tell the story of two university students named Young Cho (Jisoo) and Soo Ho (Jung Hae In). When a wounded
Cleanse your mood with these series!
Are your crops withered, brain cells empty, and reasons to live non-existent? We feel you. There is a whole lot of stress hanging in the air lately and to combat it, well, we suggest taking some time off for a feel-
The dark and intense K-drama sparked discussion in SoKor.
One of the most intense and disturbing K-dramas we've ever seen is the Netflix original series D.P., which is about South Korean soldiers who escaped the military. This show had us on the edge of our seats with
'I experienced a moment when my life flashed before my eyes.'
ICYDK, D.P. actor Jung Hae In grew up with his grandparents since his mom and dad were busy running a hospital in South Korea. He's very close to them, and it was his late grandfather whom he remembered when
The singer's solo debut MV is even set to break records!
On September 10, Lisa dropped her solo debut single "LALISA," taken from the singer's eponymous single album that also contains a second track called "Money."As of this writing, Lisa's music video posted on BLACKPINK's official
We all love a man in a uniform!
There's something about seeing our fave K-drama actors in uniform that speaks to our inner fan! Catch these K-dramas to see them in action. Did we miss your fave man in uniform? Let us know who he is in
He came from an influential family!
Ah, Jung Hae In. Who doesn't love this Korean dreamboat? The first drama where I saw him was in Prison Playbook as the *scary* Captain Yoo, who is actually more than meets the eye. After finishing all 16 episodes of
Can you imagine them in these career paths?
Once upon a time, your ultimate oppa or queen had a totally different dream before they became a celebrity. Growing up, they were eyeing a certain career path but since they were ~born to be stars,~ these Korean celebs eventually found themselves
The two actors are friends!
Our Jung Hae In is back, booked, and oh-so busy this year! ICYDK, he will be leading the drama Snowdrop with BLACKPINK's Jisoo and the upcoming Netflix original series, D.P. On top of that, Hae In will star
They're *super* booked and busy!
There are soooo many K-dramas we're highly anticipating this year that we already know na magpupuyat na naman tayong lahat, LOL. At the same time, some of our favorite Korean stars are leading more than one show in 2021
JTBC has already released their statement to clarify the issue.
Following the confirmation that the SBS drama, Joseon Exorcist, has been terminated after airing only two episodes due to historical distortion, the upcoming JTBC series Snowdrop starring Jung Hae In and BLACKPINK's Jisoo is now facing a similar issue. Set