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Chingus forever!
Thanks to Squid Game, we're adding another pair of Korean celebrity BFFs to our list and it's none other than Jung Ho Yeon and Lee Yoo Mi! In the hit Netflix thriller, the two were cast as Kang
From 410,000 to 18 million, just like that.
It's official: Squid Game actress Jung Ho Yeon is now the most followed South Korean actress on Instagram.From 410,000 followers before Squid Game premiered, she currently has a following of *18.1 million* followers. She mostly posts behind-
Copying these looks ASAP!
A haircut isn't the only way to refresh the look of your long hair. If you love to keep its length, you can perm, color it, or add hair accessories! In fact, Korean celebs and influencers are proof that long
Because we know you love them! *wink*
Confession time: I've been *so* obsessed with Squid Game in the past few weeks that I keep on singing "Mugunghwa kkoci pieot seumnida" wherever I go, LOL. My TikTok feed is also full of all things Squid Game and I
It was originally not part of the script!
Don't you just love it when Korean actors add their ~own touch~ in a K-drama? Also called ad-libs, this is a moment when they deliver something spontaneous that ends up being an amazing clip! Case in point: Lee
He's 'very proud' of her success in the drama.
It's been two weeks since Squid Game premiered and the Netflix thriller continues to be a trending topic around the world! The drama had everyone talking about creepy dolls, tracksuits, and honeycomb candies-and ofc, the actors who were part
ICYDK, the rookie actress is actually a top model!
In case you haven't caugh on the hype yet, a new Netflix show called Squid Game is taking over everyone's weekends. Squid Game is Korean series starring Lee Jung Jae, Park Hae Soo, Wi Ha Joon, and Jung
She really nailed the actress' Squid Game character look!
It's been a few weeks since Squid Game dropped on Netflix and it has been living *rent-free* on people's minds. One of the cast members that caught netizens' attention is rookie actress Jung Ho Yeon. People
Who else is hoping for a season two??
Have you ever seen a K-drama so disturbing that you end up watching some scenes with only one eye open? Because that's me whenever I watch an episode of Squid Game. The popular thriller is one intense show and
The Korean model-turned-actress is definitely one to watch.
With her heart-stopping performance in Netflix's Squid Game, no one would've guessed that the series was 27-year-old Jung Ho Yeon's first major acting gig. She's definitely no stranger to the spotlight,
She was the runner-up of Korea’s Next Top Model 4!
Netflix released Korean survival drama Squid Game over the weekend, and we are officially *obsessed*! Aside from the thrilling plot and stunning cinematography, the show gave us all sorts of surprises from Gong Yoo's unforgettable cameo to Park Hae Soo's
They're dubbed as a 'fashionista couple!'
Without a doubt, Netflix's Squid Game has picked some of the best actors in the K-entertainment industry. There's veteran star Lee Jung Jae, the chameleon Park Hae Soo, plus the model-turned-actress Jung Ho Yeon. ICYDK,
The director behind it is known for his socially conscious works
And just like that, Squid Game is now the number one show on Netflix Philippines' Top 10! The psychological thriller had everyone gasping over the weekend with its horrifying plot and we're definitely adding it to our list of
Some might even surprise you!
Being in the Korean entertainment industry is no joke. The filming schedule is insane, there are naysayers wherever you go, and there's also the never-ending worry about your career. That's why having a friend (or two) for