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From Gongjin village to Ssangmundong!
We often see a romantic couple or a solid group of friends in K-dramas, but have you ever noticed that the best series have neighbors you can totally relate to? Although at first, they love gossiping about you (we'd
Time to *prepare* your K-drama schedule!
K-drama fans, RIP to our eyebags: We have 10 titles to choose from this November! There's a fashion drama, a remake of the BBC hit Criminal Justice, and a webtoon-based series that was invited to the Toronto International
Her new drama, 'The King’s Affection,' has already aired!
Charming actress Park Eun Bin has steadily risen through the ranks and become one of our fave K-drama actresses. Her career is just gathering steam now, but you might actually remember her as a child actress, playing the young version of
Her new drama airs this week!
Everybody knows actress Jo Yeo Jeong as Mrs. Park (aka Madame) from the Academy Award-winning film Parasite, but she's been a silver screen darling for years-known for her daring spirit, not shying away from roles that require nudity. More
This star celebrates his birthday on September 9.
You might have seen him flexing his cooking skills on the variety show Stars' Top Recipe At Fun-Staurant, but Jung Il Woo's acting prowess is his real claim to fame. A frequent star of historical dramas, his first leading role