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If there's one thing I learned, it’s that the global streaming company does everything grand!
Okay, hear me out: I'm actually one of the very few people who have not watched the original Money Heist series, La Casa De Papel. When news broke about the upcoming Korean remake of the fan-favorite series, my curiosity
There’s a reason why this 'Alchemy Of Souls' star is trending on social media!
Have you heard about Alchemy Of Souls? It's the latest Korean fantasy romance drama by the Hong Sisters, famous South Korean television screenwriters, who are known for their popular dramas like Sassy Girl Chun Hyang, My Girl, You're
You'll find relatable characters in these series!
As young adults, there will be a stage in our lives where we have to strive so hard to improve ourselves and establish an enjoyable career. There are times when we try to reflect on our life choices and ask ourselves what
See him shine alongside the all-star cast of the upcoming movie 'Decibel'!
Veteran actor Park Byung Eun fell in love with acting after getting a taste of performing on stage during his theater days in high school. After graduating with a degree in drama from Chung Ang University, he was set to join the &#
Jung Yong Hwa fulfilled his promise to sing at her wedding!
We're adding another K-drama actress to our *growing* list of Korean celebs who recently got married and it's Jang Nara!On June 26, the Sell Your Haunted House star exchanged vows with her non-celebrity boyfriend at
Our Ye Jin is about to become an eomma!
BRB, crying: Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin are expecting their first child!On June 27, the queen of melodrama personally announced on her Instagram account that she's about to become a mom:"You are all well, right?I am
It's going to be ~war,~ so you have to be prepared!
I'm an avid K-pop fan for 13 years but so far, I have only bought one merch and it's a BTS album. All of the K-pop-related things that I have are gifts from my friends
She's a top Korean model!
Jang Yoon Joo might be a new face to K-drama fans but this multi-talented actress already has more than two decades of experience in the Korean entertainment industry. She's a multi-hyphenated celebrity known for her talents in
They're ~visual babies~!
K-pop idols have always been praised for their *stunning* visuals. Their striking features are like works of art in a museum that people would not even want to miss! Wherever they go, they radiate and attract attention. Sometimes, this leads to
We can't wait for 'Dr. Romantic 3'!
Veteran actor Han Suk Kyu has been in the industry for more than three decades, with multiple awards under his belt for his top-tier acting. He's dubbed as an actor who can guarantee box office success, with his many
Dara did a Twitter answer spree!
It's been a long time coming (*wink*) but our pambansang krung krung Sandara Park is about to make her ~comeback~ as a singer! The 2NE1 member is currently preparing for her solo album and fans have 123456789 questions about it-
These songs add more ~*feels*~ to K-drama scenes!
Have you ever found yourself binge-listening to OSTs right after you finished a K-drama because you can't seem to let go? Aside from our favorite actors and the compelling storyline, what makes the K-drama experience more remarkable
Don't forget to prepare a box of tissues!
Once you get *so* immersed in a K-drama, there are moments when you associate yourself with a certain character. Maybe it's an only child who was raised by a single mom or the second child who isn't
He's so tall (and handsome as hell)!
As the type who likes spending on ~experiences~, K-pop concerts are always a blast whenever I attend one. There's an incomparable thrill when you're inside the venue: Your heart would beat so fast it feels like popping
Management SOOP has responded to the allegations.
Twenty Five, Twenty One star Nam Joo Hyuk is facing school bullying allegations.On June 20, Korean media site The Days News published an exclusive story about an informant who claimed that he's been a school bullying victim for six
He's the *exact* opposite of Baek Kyung in 'Extraordinary You'!
When I like a Korean actor, I always go for the goody two-shoes. The trophy boyfriend. The boy next door kinda guy. But every once in a while, someone comes along to be the exception and not the rule. And such
We can't wait to see him in 'Money Heist'!
Veteran actor Yoo Ji Tae has always been a big presence in the Korean movie scene. He started out as an award-winning model before making waves in the 1999 movie Attack The Gas Station. But it was his role in the
BTS-ARMY Albay shares their most memorable projects!
Whether you're into K-pop or not, you've probably encountered the record-breaking group, BTS. In recent years, the Korean septet has become a household name in the global music industry. It's truly inspiring how they
We can totally see him as a K-pop idol!
Business Proposal star Kim Min Kyu certainly has the looks to pass for a K-pop idol, but did you know that he actually once trained to become one?In a recent guesting for MBC's Radio Star, Min Kyu revealed