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And they shed light on things like, 'Can you really buy an iPhone with photo cards?'
One girl's "trash" is another (fan)girl's treasure. That's my biggest realization when I started seeing videos about photo cards (PCs) on TikTok. I had a few PCs from my BTS merch. They were all just collecting dust, TBH,
His range knows no bounds!
Most K-drama fans would probably recognize Lee Kyu Hyung in his many cameos, if not as Cha Yu Ri (Kim Tae Hee)'s husband in Hi Bye, Mama!. But did you know that he shot to fame because of his
Soooooo lucky!
Running Man has been ~running~ for more than a decade now and it continues to make *everyone* happy. It's not just a favorite in South Korea but also in other parts of the world, particularly in the Philippines. And just
Everyone, meet our ~Potato Boy.~
Thanks to Nevertheless, it seems like more and more people are swooning over our potato boy, Chae Jong Hyeop! And we totally get why: Aside from his endearing character in the drama, Jong Hyeop's smile can make anyone smile! He&#
Meet the multi-talented K-pop stars pushing the boundaries of their artistry.
Most K-pop idols go through a rigorous training process during their adolescence, honing their skills in singing, dancing, and performing. While fans already see them as multi-hyphenates thanks to their well-rounded knack for the performing arts, there are numerous
These actors are talented on screen and in musical theatres.
You already know they're good at acting, but did you know that some of your fave K-drama oppas are great singers too? These talented actors rock the musical theatre scene like no other. Some of them even got their start
The actor has acknowledged the controversy.
The production team of Nevertheless has decided to reduce Kim Min Gwi's scenes in the drama, after he admitted to the cheating allegations thrown at him.In an article by Soompi, it was reported that Kim Min Gwi's
Manila-raised Korean model Hye Won Jang shows us the *best* spots!
Seoul is every traveler's dream come true: There are tourist sites waiting for you to be explored, you can shop to your heart's content, dance the night away in clubs-we can go on and on when it
Let the games begin!
Move over, Kim Bok Joo! There's a new weightlifting fairy in town. The world watched with bated breath the other night as Filipina weightlifter Hidilyn Diaz made history and became the Philippines' first-ever gold medalist at the Olympics. We have
It comes with CHEESE.
Korean food is known for its healthy yet savory options. A meal is never complete without a wide range of side dishes (mostly vegetables), and the main course is guaranteed to satisfy your K-ravings. If you're planning to order
This is the best news we've heard this week!
It's confirmed, MOAs-TOMORROW X TOGETHER is Smart Communications' newest brand ambassador!Yesterday, the leading telco brand dropped hints on their social media pages about their "most exciting and dynamic partnership." They attached a photo that says "Build A
Siri, play "Love Me Like That" by Sam Kim.
The first time I read about Nevertheless' plot (from news sites, not the webtoon version), I thought it's going to be a love story set in college. You know, the usual storyline in K-dramas where a kissing scene
You’ll be joining many other fandoms by the time you finish these shows.
If you love K-pop, you're probably already familiar with survival shows like Produce 101 and I-Land. The good news is, there are plenty more shows where that came from, and you can take your pick of genres and artists,
From commitment issues to creepy behaviors, we hope you steer clear of partners like these.
Some K-drama characters are impossibly dreamy. Take the fabulous five of Hospital Playlist, for example. Each one of them is practically perfect. On the flip side, there are nightmarish fictional guys (and girls!). They bear big, bright red flags from head
'Kingdom: Ashin of the North' just aired on Netflix!
We love a good fantasy-themed K-drama or film, and when it comes to supernatural creatures, zombies have been topping our list lately. Great cinematography and creative storytelling are pluses, too, of course. Whether you're looking to get seriously spooked
She also mentioned her experience in the Philippines!
Son Ye Jin is a name that needs no introduction-for two decades, she has proven herself as a notable actress with a long list of K-dramas and Korean movies. While millions of viewers watch her on the small and big
Mark your calendars!
It's going to be one exciting September for PH Runners because the longest-running SBS variety show is set to hold an online fan meeting via Tiktok!Running Man has been making fans happy since 2010 and it became an
Cheer up, the team has prepared something *special* for us instead!
Sad news coming through, Yuljems (ICYDK, it's our fandom name!)-our favorite medical drama, Hospital Playlist 2, will take a one-week hiatus.Episode six will still air tonight, July 22. This means that we will get to know the
Some of these MVs have storylines similar to K-dramas!
When they're not showcasing their superb acting skills in K-dramas or movies, you can see Korean actors do their ~thing~ in K-pop music videos. IDK about you, but I still get *surprised* from time to time whenever I
They have ~receipts~.
Remember how great 2017 was when it blessed us with Nam Joo Hyuk and Lee Sung Kyung's relationship announcement? It was a dream come true for us fans! We adore them as an onscreen couple in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok