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Ranked from OTT to the most basic!
If there's any female idol who looks smashing in anything and everything she wears, it's got to be BLACKPINK's Jennie Kim. A luxury label muse, a regular at the front row of fashion shows, and often spotted in the
Save for her black outfit, we think she could so pass as one of them!
Everyone knows how Anne Curtis is such a fan of K-everything-from dramas to pop stars. And, she takes her fandom to heart, too, complete with the makeup looks, the quirky K-style, and the strastruck raving about her Korean idols.
It's surprisingly easy to stay stylish when traveling. Take it from these idols!
Airport fashion has been a pretty popular term around K-pop stan culture, and who can blame K-fans when their idols manage to look great while jetting off from country to country? It isn't as difficult to pull off