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One of today's hottest young stars is now a newly-minted recording artist! Here, we celebrate Xian's rise to fame with a gallery of our favorite photos of him on
Yep, you read that right--Xian Lim, one of today's most bankable heartthrobs, now adds recording artist to his resume. The young actor recently released his debut album, So It's You, under Star Records.It's no secret that we'
Watch how we transformed this hot Centerfold into your favorite <em>Boys Over Flowers </em>characters for his shoot!
This week, our online hottie plays it cool as <em>Boys Over Flowers</em>’ carefree Mafia Boy. You'll get weak in the knees<em>.</em>
We’re still on a <em>Boys Over Flowers</em> high! See our online hottie turn into the Korean TV series’ romancing Romeo.
We're making November's featured hottie channel hit Korean series <em>Boys Over Flowers</em>. Be ready to swoon.
Learn the status of his relationship with his <em>Katorse </em>co-star Erich Gonzales, and what he'd do to impress a girl.
Don't be fooled by his wholesome good looks. We're showing you just how NASTY this <em>Katorse</em> star can get in this behind-the-scenes gallery!
CAUTION: HOT! See what we mean in this behind-the-scenes video of his Centerfold shoot.
“Proud <em>ako dahil masasabi ko na</em> sexy <em>din ako kahit papaano</em>,” he says of being a Cosmo Centerfold.
Watch how this <em>PBB</em> Teen goes from wholesome to sexy in his Cosmo Centerfold shoot!