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He's literally an Olympian.
Kelsey Merritt seems to be having the time of her life working with Victoria Sport, the active wear line of iconic brand Victoria's Secret. Recently, she also went on a vacation in Costa Rica with her friends, including actress Nina Dobrev 
Layer up for the rainy season!
The rainy season in this country is our excuse to finally layer up! Here are a bunch of basic jackets every girl should own, especially if you want to remain chic and stylish despite the gloomy weather. Denim goes great with everything!
What's your star style?
Don't know what to wear? Turn to your zodiac sign if you're out of style ideas and let the stars dictate your fashion fate. Try experimenting with styles you've never tried before! Get one colorful piece
'Finally found out [where] my dad's 'American' side was from!'
Model Kelsey Merritt is part-European-at least, that's according to an ancestry test she recently took.Yesterday, July 7, Kelsey posted on her Instagram stories a photo of the test results, which indicated that she is 50 percent Southeast
Don't be afraid to mix and match!
The truth is, denim on denim will never go out of style-so we all might as well learn how to wear it. Here's how our fave styles wear them:Follow Bea on Instagram.
Congrats, girl!
Kelsey Merritt is living the New York dream. She recently wrapped up shooting for Victoria's Secret Sport in the past weeks, and shared her excitement to be part of another one this week! This time for the brand's