Keep these orders in mind for when you're strapped for cash.
Fast food chains are already cheaper than most restaurants, but when your budget doesn't have a lot of love to give-usually around petsa de peligro-sometimes you really just need the most affordable item on the menu. Cosmo went
Don't worry, the signature blend of herbs and spices will still be there.
KFC is removing one of its essential ingredients-chicken-from its classic recipe this summer to test out "chicken-like vegetarian options," in the UK The New York Timesreports. But don't worry: while the chicken will be gone, the signature
Michael Cordova ~*shined*~ as we got to know him.
It's not every day that you get a chance to meet doppelgangers. Since we failed last time to see KFC's Gong Yoo lookalike IRL, we couldn't let another opportunity pass, and luckily, the gods obliged!We
We went to the KFC branch where he works and found out!
UPDATED on June 22, 2017, 9:39 p.m.: KFC just released a photo of Michael Cordova in his work uniform, posing like Gong Yoo in the Goblin poster! In the caption, they wrote, "Are you the look-alike bride of our
It's part of their Mother's Day promo.
No, this is not a joke. KFC, a fast food chicken restaurant chain, has released a romance novel titled Tender Wings of Desire. The book features Colonel Sanders, the brand's founder, ambassador, and icon, as the hero. The heroine is a
The true meaning of aromatherapy, am I right?
When it comes to candles, there are two types of people: those who are obsessed and those who just don't give a damn.We're here to tell you that there's finally a candle that everyone can get on board
Now you can make it at home—or start selling it at your copycat restaurant chain.
You know the hot shame you feel when you want to say something mean about one friend to your other friend and accidentally text "Anna's being such a troll" to the person you're shit-talking? But once it's out
Literally finger lickin' good.
YouTube/Kfc HkWe've heard of edible nail polish before, but we never thought the trend would go as far as a fast food chain releasing its own line.Racked reports that KFC Hong Kong is coming out with two limited edition
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