Angelic unibrow, anyone?
If you're a fan of crazy eyebrow trends and are loving 2018's newest editions: fishtail and bejeweled brows, prepare to meet the unconventional, yet gorgeous work of arch that is the "halo brow." The halo brow, the brainchild
We swear by these!
We always say kilay is life, so we know that arches disappearing by 5 p.m. spells mega SOS. Good news: We tried and tested eyebrow products that can survive sweat + heat. Here are the items that made the cut:This brow
There's still hope for sparse eyebrows!
Most of us never leave home without filling out our brows because kilay is life, after all. If you're tired of faking it with pencil, powder, gel, and mascara, there are serums that condition each hair follicle and help your arches
Get closer to your kilay goals.
This might sound a little OA, but according to US brow experts, we're missing an essential step in our eyebrow care routine. Byrdie spoke to the people at Blink Brow Bar and found out that exfoliating the brows once a week
According to a celebrity brow expert.
When it comes to nailing perfect eyebrows, if anyone knows what's up, it's the woman behind make-up mega brand Anastasia Beverly Hills, and Kim Kardashian's go to brow guru, Anastasia Soare.The inventor of the
Take your pick!
Here are seven tweezers to help you pluck every pesky stray brow hair, and apply your go-to falsies. Make sure to have one in your makeup bag!1. Happy Skin Grooming Precision TweezersA classic easy-to-grip pair that is perfect
There is still hope!
Whether you're a victim of over-tweezing or your skinny arches just need a little oomph, turn to these solutions to make your brows look naturally lush.1. Finely-tipped brow pencilFeathery brows are in and Insta-brows are out.
Perfect for matipid beauty girls!
If you're crazy about kilay but don't want to spend more money on your obsession, you'll want to know about this.The internet is full of beauty DIYs, and today's genius discovery is from Reddit user charrobeans. On
Sos breaks it down, from shaping to filling in your arches.
After trying to turn husband Nico into CNN news anchor Natalie Allen (LOL), Solenn is back to doing her classic makeup tutorials. And this time she's taking on every Pinay's favorite thing ever: eyebrows.If you hate how your kilay
Are you guilty of any of these?
The quest to get perfect brows daily is a long process-there are threads, razors, growth serums, pencils, powders, and pomades involved. But because we're all human, sometimes we make mistakes without even knowing them! Read on to see if
Here's a way to convince your boyfriend to have it done with you!
Growing up, I didn't mind that I had thick brows. Keeping them on fleek actually became a priority in my everyday life. Brow pencils were my go-to besties to maintain what has become my trademark. But there were days whenever
Tired of experimenting with different brow arches? Check out our video below to find the perfect kilay for your face shape!VIDEO: Trina Elefante. ILLUSTRATION: Jico Joson.Follow Tisha on Instagram.Follow Trina on Instagram.
This is the 'brow code.'
We came up with makeup products for your every kilay conundrum, because bad brows are your archenemies. 1. SparseIf you've got bald spots, fill in the spaces with a fine-tipped pencil or a brow pomade. Use feathery-hair like
They're exactly what you're thinking.
If you're one of the unlucky people who shaved and plucked their kilay into oblivion during the '90s and early '00s, have had a hard time growing them back since, and can't stand getting them microbladed,
Apparently, we're all bored with basic brows.
Apparently bored with basic brows, makeup artists are taking them to a new level of ~*extra*~. Unfamiliar with Instagram's latest brow craze? Here's a quick recap: Feather brows popped up first, then barbed wire brows, followed by dragon brows.The
Kilay is everything, right?
If there's one makeup category Pinays can't live without, it's their kilay products-they frame the face, after all! So for the second Beauty Wars review, we focused on affordable brow pencils to show you which ones
Weird but cool!
LOL. Apparently, people on social media didn't get this makeup artist's sarcastic Instagram post. Last week, Finnish makeup artist Stella Sironen jokingly told her 50,000+ followers that she's starting a new kilay trend (#FeatherBrows)-the Internet, of course,
It just takes three steps!
Ask anyone what makeup product they can't live without and chances are, some sort of kilay product is part of that list. Brows-thick, bushy brows-are having a moment, and we couldn't be happier! They frame the face, after
But not in the way you'd think!
Brows are a big deal, and anyone who says otherwise is obviously lying. But it never occurred to us that the shape of our brows could actually reveal more than what's on the surface. In fact, it can say a lot
Tweeze-happy folks, pay attention.
Went a bit too far with the eyebrow grooming? We feel ya. Though super thin '90s-style arches are a thing of the past, we're still not spared from the occasional tweezing blunder-or from a brow therapist who's
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