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We dare you to translate the following sentences.
When translating from Filipino to English, you will learn that there are some Filipino words that are best left alone. They simply have no direct translation in English and are better preserved in their form, untranslated, and provided with footnotes explaining the
Kilig overload!
Have you ever had a super kilig moment that deserved its own background music and slow-mo effect? One that felt like it belonged to a cheesy rom-com? I'd like to think that the time when I *got married*
Because the *kilig* never gets old.
Pinoy romance movies might be a hit-and-miss, but there are also those films that have really left their mark on local cinema. They're the ones that launched some of the entertainment industry's biggest names to superstardom.
Who else can't wait for the sequel?!
Remember when we first fell in love with Mace Castillo (Angelica Panganiban) and Anthony Lagdameo (JM De Guzman) in the 2014 film That Thing Called Tadhana? To recap: Two strangers meet on a flight back to the Philippines and end up going
Check out their new singles, 'Kakayanin Kaya' and 'No One Else!'
Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber have just released their solo songs, "Kakayanin Kaya" and "No One Else," today, February 22. Maymay's "Kakayanin Kaya" is a hugot song about the dilemma of letting go of a significant other, while Edward's "No
They'll live forever in our hearts!
The best part about most Korean dramas is how they let you escape from reality for a while through a string of kilig scenes because they are just so damn romantic. We bet you can't make it to the end
Her reaction was caught on video!
As if Matteo Guidicelli isn't busy enough, he recently launched a fashion line, Avel X Matteo, in collaboration with designer Avel Bacudio. During their fashion show, Matteo himself walked the runway showing off his lightweight denim collection.The event was
Dennis Trillo posted a sweet message on Instagram for his girlfriend Jennylyn Mercado's 31st birthday."Papasanin ko kahit ang buong mundo para lang sa'yo, makita ko lang na lumigaya ka ng ganito," Dennis wrote in his caption. "Maligayang
Two songs aren't enough!
Carlo Aquino makes us feel ~*things*~ in this super kilig harana of "Your Body Is A Wonderland" and "Baby, I Love Your Way."P.S. You're welcome. *winks*VIDEO PRODUCED BY: Jacinda A. Lopez and Louise FerrerVIDEO SHOT BY: Sam
Paramore’s hits are popular among Pinoys.
When you think about your first love or your first breakup, there's probably that one song that hits too close to home-no matter how much time has passed. In February 2018, Spotify revealed the most popular songs when it comes
It's that time of the year again!
Fast-food giant Jollibee is in full force again as it presents three different online videos about love-and the Internet couldn't help but grab some tissue!This year's #KwentongJollibee2018 campaign brings an online sequel to one of
The cutest ever!
Our new favorite love team, Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto, made us laugh and cry (so hard) with their recent Star Cinema hit rom-com, Love You To The Stars And Back. And now, they're giving us even more kilig with
There were too many to choose from!
They may be a love team, but Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto are super bagay off-screen too! Here are JoshLia's many ultra-sweet moments:VIDEO: Trina Elefante Follow Jacinda on Instagram. Follow Trina on Instagram.
We're pretty sure you've already seen it.
Uber Philippines launched its #UberSTORIES ad series on Monday, April 17, with "Kilig"The ad is based on the experience of Uber rider AJ Tabangay on June 2016. AJ tweeted about how he ended up sharing an UberPOOL ride with his longtime
Their chemistry is ~*magical*~.
Ok, let's all be honest here. Who found it weird that Gerald Anderson and Bea Alonzo were paired up for a movie? *raises hands*These two Kapamilya stars never worked with each other and were part of two very, very popular
No, they don't involve diamond rings, candlelit dinners, or Paris vacations.
When he takes you out to dinner. When he surprises you with presents or takes you shopping. No question, you like it when he makes an effort to do all these things. It tells you he values your relationship.But certain things
Calling all OTWOListas!
Admit it-you're as hooked as we are on On The Wings Of Love or simply OTWOL for the legions of loyal OTWOListas worldwide. This primetime serye is such a hit that it has 1) been extended until February 2016 (this
Get ready for a swoon-fest.
Newsflash: Guys love you for so much more than your boobs and butt. They may not say it out loud, but they're total goners for those quirks and qualities that are yours alone, such as the way you speak your mind,
"I'm proud to have you as my girl."
More often than not, men aren't as direct in their expression of love. There are many languages when it comes to expressing adoration and affection: some do it with words, while others with acts of touch, service, or time. But just
These sweet gestures are timeless.
1. Kisses on the forehead. 2. Surprise hugs from behind. 3. Receiving flowers (or chocolate) on a random day, just because. 4. Good morning and good night texts. 5. When you call us beautiful. 6. When you open doors for us. 7.