Yes, armpit masks are a thing.
Ever wonder if you should be doing more than just slapping on some deodorant on your underarms? We asked eight Pinays how they take care of their kilikili. Check out their routines below!Instagram: @_margauxlimProduct: DEONAT Mineral Deodorant SprayRoutine: I invested in
Here are some solutions that will help you say goodbye to BO!
Where there's sweat, there's usually body odor-specifically in your kilikili. If you don't want to feel conscious about the peculiar smell that accompanies perspiration, read on for our seven tips:1. Use a cleanser during your showerWashing your
May your kilikili be as bright as your future.
Admit it, CGs. You constantly aim for the perfect kilikili. We're talking about even-toned, baby-butt-smooth, and hair-free pits. We listed down the tools and treatments available for this mission, from the most basic to those that require
Why is the skin on my underarms dark?
Underarms: Everyone has 'em, but nobody really likes to talk about 'em. Why not? Talking brings you knowledge, and knowledge is power, so let's discuss some of the common questions you have about your armpits. Here, four doctors have lots to
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1. Scientists once created cheese made from armpit bacteria. In 2013, scientist Christina Agapakis and scent expert Sissel Tolaas gathered microbes from body parts of volunteer artists, scientists, anthropologists, and cheese makers. Bacteria from armpits, a foot, a bellybutton, and tears and
Hint: They are all found in your kitchen.
1. VinegarVinegar has acidic properties that kill bacteria and foul odor, and when used correctly, can clear up your armpits by getting rid of dead skin cells.Method: Apply a few drops on a cotton ball and swab it on your underarms
Try these alternative deos!
Having body odor is the worst. There are plenty of commercially produced deodorants in the market, but chances are, you've struggled with BO, irritation, and other kilikili concerns despite using them. It's tempting to try organic products, but because there
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