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Ha Ri's grandfather-in-law is so thoughtful!
Another day, another present for our Kim Sejeong!A quick look on her Instagram account and you'll see a lot of posts where she shared the gifts she recently received. One of them is a coffee truck from her Business
She's paired with Nam Yoon Su!
After leading the webtoon-adapted series Business Proposal, our Kim Sejeong is now the main character in a new K-drama about...webtoon editors!We have another Korean remake to look forward to! Based on the 2016 Japanese series Sleepeeer Hit!, Today&#
They're all starring in a new project!
Business Proposal will always be *special* to us. The rom-com K-drama was our source of joy for almost two months and it's the show we'd always look forward to after work. Maybe it's the
Because we know you can't get enough of them!
Almost one month has passed but the Business Proposal fever is still here! Who can forget a light rom-com drama that injected a handful of tropes in each episode? It brought us back to the good, old K-drama days wherein
She's so talented!
New K-drama fans might know Kim Sejeong as the feisty Do Ha Na from The Uncanny Counter or the animated Shin Ha Ri in Business Proposal. But before she catapulted to fame for her acting career, the 25-year-old first
Whether you're a K-drama newbie or veteran, you'll love this series!
As soon as Business Proposal started airing on Netflix, it became the talk of the town for some reason. My social media feed was also filled with friends gushing over how kilig the week's episodes were that I sometimes had
We're still wondering how her character got a hold of these pieces!
We can't help but wish that we could continue following the story of Kim Sejeong's character Shin Ha Ri and her love interest, Kang Tae Moo (Ahn Hyo Seop) in the recently concluded series Business Proposal. And while
They went on a spring date in Jeju island!
Coming off the success of her rom-com drama Business Proposal, Kim Sejeong jetted to Jeju Island sporting a brand new hairstyle!Sejeong showed off her short dyed hair during a trip with her *BFF* TWICE's Jihyo.The idol-actress
Their chemistry is *chef's kiss*
Fans of the popular K-drama Business Proposal are in for a treat as the drama's lead stars released a very special kilig duet on April 4, Monday. Kim Sejeong and Ahn Hyo Seop performed a *sweet* rendition of the
Dara said that she came back to her senses when she did this!
Sandara Park has always been candid about her love life and in an episode of Get It Beauty, she talked about her first heartbreak.Along with Business Proposal star Kim Sejeong and One, The Woman's Honey Lee, Dara was a
She's called 'God Sejeong' for a reason!
You already know that Kim Sejeong can act (she's called the Emma Stone of South Korea because of her role in Business Proposal!)-but did you know that she can also sing, write songs, dance, host, be an ace in
Can you imagine them in a K-pop group?
You know the drill, Cosmo girls-once there's a new K-drama in town, you can count on us to bring you fun facts about the cast! For today, we'll *focus* on the actors of Business Proposal and
This solo artist (and former girl group member) is on a roll!
If you're a fan of survival audition show Produce 101 like we are, chances are, you already know Kim Sejeong, one of the members of I.O.I, the first-ever project girl group to debut from the show. After I.
Do they look familiar to you?
Are you an avid K-drama fan? Then you've probably heard (if not seen) of The Uncanny Counter, which is currently OCN's highest-rating drama of all time! If you're looking for reasons on why you
Trust us, it's worth your time!
When a K-drama is reported to have high ratings, there must be a *great* reason why everyone is so hooked with that show. Take The Uncanny Counter as an example-it's not only one of the most-viewed dramas
Sleep? I don’t know her.
The new year brings a lot of new things, including K-dramas that will keep us up all night again! You guys, wala nanaman tulugan and I know we're all here for it, amirite?? So prepare your devices, internet connections, and ~*
They started out as trainees and later pursued (and slayed in) their acting careers!
Our favorite K-drama stars give us a roller coaster ride of emotions with their acting skills-but did you know that some of them were initially known as K-pop idols? Most of them were either in girl or boy groups,