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It'll keep your cup warm for hours!
When actress Lara Quigaman shared the story of how she ended up with cold coffee at the end of the day because she was so preoccupied with motherhood duties, Pinays from Smart Parenting's community, Smart Parenting Village, could not help
It'll make meal prep quicker and healthier!
Air fryers have been a trendy kitchen appliance for a few years now. In case you still don't get how they work, the device cooks food by circulating hot air inside its compartment. It's a popular alternative to
Have cold drinks anytime, anywhere!
Dining al fresco in a tropical country can prove to be quite a challenge because the heat is often unforgiving, so picnics and outdoor lunches are not always ideal. However, we found a nifty appliance that could make hanging out under the
It really is an investment.
If you spent majority of the last three months finding your inner shef, then you've probably added a few kitchen appliances to your growing wish list. Air fryers, induction cookers, electric mixers-these are some of the tools we hope
Perfect for your kitchen aesthetic!
The air fryer has been one of the trendiest kitchen appliances around for a few years now. The device, which cooks food by circulating hot air inside its compartment, is a popular alternative to conventional pan frying as it requires less oil.
It comes in the cutest pastel colors!
While we all dream of sprawling kitchen setups with every appliance and tool known to man available right there on our marble countertops, that may require a few years' worth of saving. But hey, just because you've got a
This small kitchen appliance can do wonders for your baking.
Baking is all about precision. We always say that there is a science to baking. There are just some ingredients you just can't do without and at a certain amount every time, so the resulting batter or dough is a
But not everyone's convinced.
So you've been seeing air fryers everywhere, and you may have even done your own research. But just like with any purchase, it's beneficial to get other people's opinions-especially if they've had experience
Here's what you need to know about induction cookers.
Last week, as I was making pasta for the 279th time in quarantine (lol), the ventilation hood in my kitchen suddenly fell. All my kitchen appliances located underneath seemed fine until I noticed that my electric stove was no longer working properly.
These rice cookers are made to be cute and functional, too!
Hello Kitty fans might just spend more time in the kitchen with these adorable new kitchen appliances. Introducing Abenson's Hello Kitty Collection featuring two kinds of rice cookers. These are only available through Hello Kitty multi rice
Why are people so into air fryers these days?
Air fryers have become popular in the last couple of years, but it was during quarantine that I started seeing more of them on social. After a couple of months experimenting in the kitchen, maybe people wanted to take it up a