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We're obsessed with its minimalist design.
A rice dispenser is probably the last thing you'll think of when it comes to a kitchen makeover. But yet, here we are, obsessing over this gorgeous, minimalistic glass rice dispenser from House to Home Project. It's one
Ok but srsly, NEED.
Okay, so we've heard about heating coasters that will keep your coffee warm for hours. Well, our latest discovery is the next best thing: electric lunch boxes! With this kind of kitchen appliance, you'll never have to eat
Be still, my palpitating heart.
There are things you want and things you need. And then there are those rare finds that like to play with the boundary between the two. This is the feeling I get whenever I browse through the appliances on Abenson's
It's perfect for your *minimalist aesthetic.*
Coffee lovers have spent a good part of the quarantine period in Metro Manila rediscovering their love for caffeine in new ways-most notably, by learning how to whip up their favorite brews at home. While coffee shops in and around the
Just shut up and take our money!
Asahi Home Appliances Philippines has been on a roll, constantly making us want to shop for new things to add to our homes. Their Asahi Aesthetic Designs series in particular has us giddily planning to redecorate every corner, especially with their new
Adorable finds you'll want to save up for.
We know, we know: You love everything pink, so much so that you jump at the chance to buy pink makeup, tumblers, shoes, and gadgets. Well, #same. If you still can't get enough of the color, you'll be