We'll see him as an MMA fighter AND a priest!
As we all know, oppa Park Seo Joon's most recent projects include the Korean dramas Fight For My Way (2017) and What's Wrong With Secretary Kim? (2018). We're sure PSJ fans have finished watching and rewatching
Here's to all the foodies out there!
We LOVE food. Especially K-drama food. Ramyeon, tteokbokki, jjajangmyeon, Korean fried chicken, and kimbap are just some of them. And soju, of course!We listed five Korean dramas that center on the culinary arts and food from different cultures. It'
'All of the things I do for them are worth it.'
K-pop fans go to great lengths (and faraway places!) to support their idols and usually end up spending a significant amount of money on fan merch, concert tickets, airfare, and more. Curious to know how much some are willing to spend
Nothing compares to your first love—but what if you end up meeting your last love?
College student Tae-o (Ji Soo) seemingly has it all-good looks, great friends, a wealthy family background-all he's missing is the love of his life. Everyone seems to ship him with his best friend of 20 years, Song-
The characters' resemblance to the comics is amazing!
Just like movies, our favorite Korean dramas sometimes gain inspiration from novels and other written and illustrated works. In fact, several of the most popular K-dramas originated from webtoons! Webtoons are a kind of online comics that originated in South Korea.
They'll cure your K-drama dry spells and remedy your broken hearts!
Sick of typical Korean romantic comedies? Need a cure for your unforeseen K-entertainment hiatus? Want to heal that heart your oppa has broken? Start binge-watching these highly entertaining medical Korean dramas! They're the perfect transitions to K-dramas,
PSA: His signature clean cut is back!
Park Bo Gum and Song Hye Kyo's new drama entitled Encounter will air its first episode on November 28, and we are so ready for it! But we're here to talk about something else about Bo Gum: his
13 more days!
To get you more excited for Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Gum's first K-drama together, Encounter, they dropped a poster that'll give you all the feels. In the photo, Bo Gum is lovingly hugging Hye Kyo,
We didn't expect things to get so intense!
We finally get our first peek at Lauren Young and Ejay Falcon's characters on the Korean drama Where Stars Land! The show, which is also known as Fox Bride Star, features Korean actord Lee Je Hoon and Chae Soo Bin
She's currently in Korea with EJ Falcon and Pia Magalona.
Guess what? We'll see Lauren Young, together with EJ Falcon and Pia Magalona, in a K-drama soon! Where Stars Land is an upcoming South Korean television series starring Lee Je Hoon and Chae Soo Bin, which will air in
Our favorite US legal drama series just got a Hallyu makeover.
Why choose between your favorite American TV series and K-dramas when you can have the best of both worlds? The much-awaited Korean remake of Suits is all the proof you'll ever need! Starring none other than Jang Dong Gun (
In K-drama land, people are flawless, pore-less, and well-dressed.
We all know that in K-drama land, aside from everyone being flawless and pore-less, everyone dresses well, too. How they put together outfits definitely reflects their character and whatever ~drama~ they're going through.Here, we recap the top four
You won’t see her in anything ~kyeopta~!
Suzy's Hong Joo in While You Were Sleeping is far from the damsel in distress-she's smart, strong-willed, and has a sweetheart to save, no less.She's the reason we'll be sporting shorter haircuts soon and
'Never in my wildest dreams did I think we would be able to capture the hearts of so many people!'
Last weekend, the cast of the GMA Network primetime show, My Korean Jagiya, was welcomed by an overwhelming number of supporters at SM City Bacolod which made the cast-especially lead star Heart Evangelista-deeply emotional.The 32-year-old actress plays
'Why did they cut so many scenes?!'
Upon hearing that our favorite K-drama is going to be shown on a local channel, we can't help but feel equal parts excitement and dread. We can't wait for the rest of the country to watch and realize how
Soooo cute!
We really can't blame you if you're as obsessed with K-Dramas as we are. Their stories and the kilig they bring are incomparable. This is why we're not surprised at all if anyone's fangirling goes on another
Wondering what all the K-Drama fuss is about? These picks are the answer.
With all the hype surrounding Korean dramas, newcomers may be left in the dust as to what all the fuss is about. From posts about Korean actors and actresses bombarding your Facebook feed to friends getting excited over the latest episode, curious
You can finally see how he'd look as Do Min Joon.
The comparisons between all-around cutie Richard Juan and Korean actor Kim Soo Hyun haven't died down at all, with people even labeling Richard as the Philippines' very own alien hottie, Do Min Joon. Naturally, we found it necessary to fuel
It's the ~*perfect*~ entry to K-drama world, tbh.
The Long Plot, Sans SpoilersWeightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo starts off with a glimpse of the main characters in action-Kim Bok Joo (Lee Sung Kyung) winning a gold medal for lifting 115 kg in the clean-and-jerk category, and Jung
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