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Which series tops your list?
We're halfway through 2021 and OMG, we have watched so many high-quality K-dramas already! From crime thrillers to rom-coms, we have spent sleepless nights binge-watching these shows and nope, we have no regrets. In fact, we&#
Binge-watch these for all the drama and intrigue you didn’t know you wanted!
We've got a new K-drama obsession, and it's called Mine! If you're not watching it yet, you should. Mine begins with a dark murder scene, then backtracks to tell the story of the high society Hyowon household-and
Fans of Seung Gi say that his current relationship will ruin his image.
It seems like some of Lee Seung Gi's fans are unhappy about his relationship with Lee Da In after they discovered the actress's family background.Last May 24, it was revealed that the two Korean stars are dating
Nam Joo Hyuk's car from 'Start-Up' costs about three million pesos!
Apart from coffee machines, jewelry, and stylish OOTDs, K-dramas also give us the best opportunity to check out the characters' sweet rides. Though it's highly likely that brands have paid to get some precious air time in these
Yay, another project for our best boys!
We have been ~*scheduling*~ a LOOOOT of K-dramas we're excited about this year and it looks like we'll be adding another show to our list! Netflix will be releasing an original series titled Hunting Dogs, and Vincenzo&#
Siri, please play 'Hyehwadong' by Park Boram.
Great news, Reply 1988 fans-our Sun Woo and Deok Sun are reuniting *very* soon because Go Kyung Pyo will make a special appearance in Lee Hyeri's new drama, My Roommate Is A Gumiho! As reported by Soompi, tvN has
She's also the writer behind a number variety shows!
Ah, it's FINALLY the month of June and you know what that means-Hospital Playlist Season 2 is coming! After more than a year, our favorite group of doctors is back and we can't wait to see what
From her iconic villain roles to her underrated TV series, this actress proves she’s not just any other kontrabida.
Kim So Yeon is Cheon Seo Jin of The Penthouse. At least, that's for ~new~ K-drama fans like me (you know, those who started being fans just five or so years ago). The recently crowned Best Actress at the 57th
The feel-good content you need, right this way. <3
When did you start becoming a K-drama fan? My ~early beginnings~ were in 2005 when ABS-CBN aired the *super* tragic Memories Of Bali, and it opened my eyes to a different side of Asianovelas apart from the phenomenal Meteor Garden.
Will our mafia consigliere turn into a chaebol's son?
Right after leading Vincenzo, our Song Joong Ki has been *super* busy! He attended an awards show, was interviewed many times, appeared in Heize's music video, and even had an online fan meet! To top it off, he is currently
Save these for future inspo!
We all admire K-dramas for their unique way of telling riveting stories. Of course, it doesn't hurt that the wardrobe is also a major inspo! And with most K-dramas often wrapping up with happily ever afters, we'
Quality series starring a quality actor!
Oh Jung Se's long-running career started in the early 2000s and we're so happy that he's finally getting all the attention and love he deserves! From the first time we saw him in the Koreanovela
Prepare your tissues.
If you're new to K-dramas, you might be wondering why fans often use the word "healing" to describe a series they love. You see, this kind of drama provides us an ~escape~ from reality and serve as a balm
Sol A and Sol B starred in 'Reply 1988'!
Fun fact: There are 13 K-dramas that are currently airing and can we just say that we are having a ~hard time~ kung ano and uunahin, LOL. Kayo din ba? 2021 has really blessed us with a lot of good shows
They're *super* booked and busy!
There are soooo many K-dramas we're highly anticipating this year that we already know na magpupuyat na naman tayong lahat, LOL. At the same time, some of our favorite Korean stars are leading more than one show in 2021
She has won so many awards for her realistic depiction of ordinary people.
It's Okay, That's Love (IOTL) has always been my favorite K-drama of all time. I have seen so many series that I've enjoyed, made me cry like a baby, and stressed the hell out of
He has over 90 movies and TV shows under his name.
With over 90 movies and TV shows under his name, there's no denying that Oh Jung Se is a versatile, well respected actor who knows his way around delivering impactful roles for every project he's cast in. Recently,
*cries in corn salad language*
Would you believe it's been two weeks since the final episode of Vincenzo has aired? On Mondays, we usually watch the drama's BTS clips on YouTube or talk with our fellow Vincenzo fans about the ep last night.
You will be able to relate to these series.
There are plenty of reasons why K-dramas are loved by almost *everyone*: They entertain you, bring you to different worlds, and stir your emotions. Some of them also have the ability to speak to your soul-they're the series
If you’re loving him in 'Youth of May,' check out where else you can watch him.
Are you a Reply 1988 fan? If so, you probably loved learning about bits of South Korea's culture in the '80s. A part of it was the prominence of protests against the government. Another drama set in 1980 has recently premiered