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Look at that savory goodness!
Trust Koreans to offer something new once in a while-sometimes they're outfit ideas, other times they're food trends! Dunkin' Korea just ~collaborated~ with fried chicken restaurant chain Kyochon and we're in awe of the
They're also called Korean rice balls!
Sobrang nakakatakam talaga ng Korean food, 'no?! When a K-drama episode shows the cast eating, my tummy would often grumble in inggit. Is it the same for you guys, too? And sometimes, I'm not even salivating over the
Even if it’s just seven different kinds of ramyeon, LOL.
In every K-drama, no matter what genre it is, there's at least one scene where the lead or the supporting cast enjoys a good meal. It can be a scene where they talk to friends while grilling Korean bbq
This is a different Korean barbecue experience!
Now that you know you can enjoy samgyupsal in Korean barbecue restaurants, in the comfort of your own home, or while glamping in the province, we found a new place to enjoy K-barbecue and all kinds of Korean food. Busan PH
I want to eat them all again!
Whenever I travel to South Korea, one of the things I get most excited about is the gastronomic experience. I love Korean food as much as the next Korean culture enthusiast. The range of choices and the variety of flavors make choosing
It just a curd to me how good tofu can be. ;)
We all have that *one* food or dish we see and immediately think, "meh." You know what I'm talking about: You aren't angry whenever it's served, but it also doesn't evoke joy or excitement, LOL. Well, that's
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When you visit South Korea, you'll find a lot of street food choices-there's tteokbokki, hotteok, Korean corndogs, and gimbap. You'll also see some fried fritters called jeon, which is basically a savory pancake. It can
Patience is a virtue, but sometimes you just want the sandwich RN.
If you've been on social media lately or even just streamed K-Drama Hospital Playlist, chances are you've come across the trendy Korean dish known as egg drop sandwiches. With creamy scrambled eggs and other fillings like ham,
It's pretty easy!
What's your go-to comfort food? At the end of a long day, a bowl of hot ramyeon (or ramen) never fails to make me happy. To make it *extra special,* I add an egg and slices of spam. While
Warning: You might get hungry!
I'm so thankful for YouTube because the videos on this platform keep me entertained during my free time. My current obsession? Bakery and café vlogs because they feature two essential things in my life: Carbs and coffee!The vlogs I&#
Seollem Cafe needs to be on your future Baguio itinerary.
With everything that's been going on, it might be a while until we're able to roam the streets of South Korea again. And while there are plenty of takeout and delivery options for food that'll satisfy
It's *so* easy!
Because of all the K-dramas I've been watching these days, there's almost always a Korean dish present on our dining table, LOL. So far, I have tried jjajangmyeon from Coffee Prince, Korean corn dogs featured in Start-
It comes with CHEESE.
Korean food is known for its healthy yet savory options. A meal is never complete without a wide range of side dishes (mostly vegetables), and the main course is guaranteed to satisfy your K-ravings. If you're planning to order
Check out these delicious and easy-to-make recipes.
I have a confession-my egg menu consists of these: Fried egg, cheese omelet, and egg on a bowl of ramen.Yep, my egg recipe knowledge is limited. My home cooking skills are still a work in progress so I'm
Their café is already open
Our Uju (Kim Jun) is known for three things: He's *super* adorable, he's one smart boy, and he's a foodie! In the first season of Hospital Playlist, we've seen him munch on Korean corn
They have so many options to choose from!
Whenever we travel to other countries, like South Korea, trying different local cuisines is definitely on our itineraries. But because of the current restrictions, we can only imagine ourselves in the streets of Myeongdong where every corner is filled with Korean food.
In another episode of my adventures with my baking BFF, we try to create this tasty treat that’s perfect for gifting or simply ~eating your feelings~.
If you've watched enough Korean dramas, you'll know how superstitious Koreans can be. A lot of symbolisms are related to food: For instance, they give fresh tofu to someone who's recently released from prison. Apparently, it represents purity and
Go ahead and treat yourself.
You can never go wrong with Korean food because there's just so much to love about the cuisine. TBH, we love a good serving of kimchi, tteokbokki, jjajangmyeop, and more. And when it comes to alcohol, you already know that
She makes it look *so* easy to cook our faves!
I'm a sucker for YouTube videos: From room tours, study vlogs, and walk with me clips in South Korea, there's always something new for me to be obsessed with on this platform. I get excited every time there&#
Choose your fave drama!
I don't know about you, but whenever I watch K-dramas, I almost always end up craving Korean food. It doesn't matter what time it is, someone just please get me a bowl of piping hot ramyeon and