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Warning: You might get hungry!
I'm so thankful for YouTube because the videos on this platform keep me entertained during my free time. My current obsession? Bakery and café vlogs because they feature two essential things in my life: Carbs and coffee!The vlogs I&#
Seollem Cafe needs to be on your future Baguio itinerary.
With everything that's been going on, it might be a while until we're able to roam the streets of South Korea again. And while there are plenty of takeout and delivery options for food that'll satisfy
It's *so* easy!
Because of all the K-dramas I've been watching these days, there's almost always a Korean dish present on our dining table, LOL. So far, I have tried jjajangmyeon from Coffee Prince, Korean corn dogs featured in Start-
It comes with CHEESE.
Korean food is known for its healthy yet savory options. A meal is never complete without a wide range of side dishes (mostly vegetables), and the main course is guaranteed to satisfy your K-ravings. If you're planning to order
Check out these delicious and easy-to-make recipes.
I have a confession-my egg menu consists of these: Fried egg, cheese omelet, and egg on a bowl of ramen.Yep, my egg recipe knowledge is limited. My home cooking skills are still a work in progress so I'm
They're opening their café *soon*!
Our Uju (Kim Jun) is known for three things: He's *super* adorable, he's one smart boy, and he's a foodie! In the first season of Hospital Playlist, we've seen him munch on Korean corn
They have so many options to choose from!
Whenever we travel to other countries, like South Korea, trying different local cuisines is definitely on our itineraries. But because of the current restrictions, we can only imagine ourselves in the streets of Myeongdong where every corner is filled with Korean food.
In another episode of my adventures with my baking BFF, we try to create this tasty treat that’s perfect for gifting or simply ~eating your feelings~.
If you've watched enough Korean dramas, you'll know how superstitious Koreans can be. A lot of symbolisms are related to food: For instance, they give fresh tofu to someone who's recently released from prison. Apparently, it represents purity and
Go ahead and treat yourself.
You can never go wrong with Korean food because there's just so much to love about the cuisine. TBH, we love a good serving of kimchi, tteokbokki, jjajangmyeop, and more. And when it comes to alcohol, you already know that
She makes it look *so* easy to cook our faves!
I'm a sucker for YouTube videos: From room tours, study vlogs, and walk with me clips in South Korea, there's always something new for me to be obsessed with on this platform. I get excited every time there&#
Choose your fave drama!
I don't know about you, but whenever I watch K-dramas, I almost always end up craving Korean food. It doesn't matter what time it is, someone just please get me a bowl of piping hot ramyeon and
Because the pandemic taught me that when I K-rave it, I gotta make it.
The cold seasons, the stunning sights, and the delicious food-these are the top things I sorely miss about South Korea. Sometimes, I just can't help but long for those days when we can travel as we please. But I
Sobrang nakakagutom!
YouTuber and influencer Toni Sia recently uploaded her Week In My Life vlog and if you're a sucker for Korean food, you totally have to watch her latest video!For starters, she pan-fried some pork belly, aka samgyupsal, at
They even channeled their inner ~*chefs*~!
It looks like James Reid has been spending a lot of time with his BFF and fellow PBB Teen Clas alum, Ryan Bang. After his oppa hair transformation at Ryan's salon, the BFFs also had a mukbang session on the
A safe V-date in GCQ!
When it comes to eating out in the time of COVID-19, physical distancing is a must. Some restaurants have acrylic dividers on tables to minimize contact, and most have very limited seating to ensure guests sit far apart from each other.
You'll be making these regularly in no time!
Love Korean food? Of course, you can't miss out on a bowl (or two) of their hearty soups! (No, we're not talking about ramyeon here!) Not only are they the best during the cold szn, they're
They will leave you wishing you're in South Korea!
If you're craving Korean street food in the middle of the night and your local Korean convenience store is closed, your next best step is to go to YouTube and wait until the next day to satisfy your ~longing~. Some
What food to expect, who sits first, how to thank your host, and more.
It's no question that we at Cosmo love all-things Korean. Interested in knowing about the latest K-dramas? Starting to explore the world of K-pop? Thinking about trying Korean beauty products and switching up your skincare routine? We&#
We'll have them in all flavors, please!
One of the many, many things we all miss about traveling is trying out different local cuisines. There's really nothing like getting to know and experience a foreign country than through food! We already know that South Korea has amazing street
One roll is not enough!
Korean dishes have reached the top spot in our list of favorite comfort food. There's tteokbokki, Korean corndogs, ramyeon, jjajangmyeon, and a whole lot more. Now here's something that comes in the form of a roll-gimbap!What makes gimbap