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Bit-Na from Nevertheless sports this hairstyle!
I was drawn to watching Nevertheless because of the leads and the storyline. But one thing about deserves a special mention: Oh Bit Na's (played by Yang Hye Ji) hair! The character had red underdye hair and a unique haircut!
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Aside from the fantastic plot and kilig love story, the hairstyles of the K-drama leads stand out as well. These hairdos help shape the characters, and we're NGL, we find ourselves wanting to steal their looks!If you agree
Save these for your next trip to the salon!
The secret to every Korean celebrity's picture-perfect hair isn't all that different to an average person's. It's all in the cut and color, and K-stars and their stylists know exactly which pairings
A small change makes a big difference!
I have to admit that the only thing that's stopping me to get K-style sheer bangs are my chubby cheeks. When you're born with a round face shape, your hairstyle options are limited. I have to consider
'All the fans are gonna be so shocked, bro.'
We have a new ~oppa~ in the house: James Reid just got a Korean hair makeover courtesy of his BFF, Ryan Bang!In a recent YouTube vlog, the South Korean TV personality brought James to his hair salon, Moridu Art, and asked
Check out how they achieved their look!
How far are you willing to go for your K-pop idol? Some fans might buy all the merch their sweldo or spare allowance could afford. Some might even do a pilgrimage to music video filming sites. (Pre-pandemic, ofc!) Or, you
Promise, you'll find one that will look so cute on you!
If you love watching K-dramas, you will notice how gorgeous the leading ladies are, not only because of their flawless makeup and fashion, but also because of their always- fabulous hairstyles. Their locks are perfectly in place, they bounce whenever they
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Now that more beauty service businesses like salons have reopened, more people have finally been able to get the hair makeovers they've been planning to get for months. For a lot of us, being in quarantine for more than three months
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So, you've decided you want bangs. The question now is: What kind should you get? Should you go for a blunt chop or should you go the K-drama lead actress route and get a light, wispy fringe? Either way,
The K-idol dropped her number one tip!
We can never forget when Lisa Manoban wowed us during BLACKPINK's performance at the 2019 Coachella Music Festival. But what really stood out was not her rapping or dance moves-it was her *unmovable* bangs. Lisa's fringe looked
Kayang kaya!
If you want to change up your 'do but you're afraid of making ~drastic~ hair changes such as coloring or cutting it, the best solution is to spruce it up using accessories. Not only will it give your tresses
Struggling with waves?
Just because you've chopped off your locks doesn't mean you'd have to retire your curling iron. It's actually more fun to make waves on short hair, precisely because it'll take you less
Plus, find out the styling mistakes you're probably making.
Just like coloring your hair, getting bangs can be a full-time commitment. Not everyone wakes up to a perfectly-styled fringe-yes, not even your favorite K-drama leading ladies. It takes effort to have bangs that puffy and perfect, but
We just want to look like our fave K-idol, TBH.
Fact: We turn to Koreans to serve as our guide and inspo for a lot of things, from makeup to fashion, and a whole lot more. This time, we're focusing on ~hairstyles~. Raise your hand if you've ever
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Crash Landing On You may be over, but our obsession lives on! Seeing how our favorite (and hated) characters' lives have unfolded in 16 episodes made us feel that we exist in their world, too. Saturday and Sunday nights will never
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Confession: I'm one of the many Pinoys who are obsessed with Crash Landing On You. I remember binge-watching a few of its episodes on one random weekend, and I haven't slept since. Just kidding! As soon as
Chic and effortless.
Fixing your hair for special occasions can be a challenge. It's not every day that you style your locks, and perfecting a certain hairstyle takes practice. Because of these concerns, we usually give up and just tie our strands into
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Lately, we've been so obsessed with Korean hairstyles-we just love how effortless and bouncy each hairdo looks. Naturally, we always research the ways we can cop K-style hair. We already found tutorials on K-style bangs and S-
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Who here devotes a lot of time in their morning routines to fix their hair? We're guessing not everyone. We'd all rather leave our houses earlier and spend more time on the road to beat rush hour traffic (
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You guys, I'm so excited to share this discovery with you that my heart is beating as fast as I am typing this article! I found a hairstyling tutorial on the internet that I'm pretty sure will change