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Uhm, it's getting hot in here.
Out of all the Korean titles that will premiere on Netflix this year, the show that caught our attention is the movie Love And Leashes. For starters, it's led by two K-pop idols who transitioned to acting. Second, the
Soooo many Korean titles to choose from!
Hallyu fans, we are going to be well-fed with Korean content this year thanks to Netflix! The streaming giant just announced its 2022 Korean lineup and omo, the list is so long that we're already ~imagining~ how much sleep
Their characters' relationship here is far from what they have in 'Our Beloved Summer!'
Thanks to Itaewon Class, Kim Da Mi became one of my favorite Korean actresses of all time. Her character in the drama is fierce, determined, and although she's a bit of a sociopath, we can't deny how charismatic
Add these thrilling series and flicks to your Korean entertainment bucket list.
If you've been watching Korean movies for years, Squid Game is most likely not your intro to veteran actor Lee Jung Jae. Fans of action films know that he's no stranger to savage violence, sins and illegal activities, deception,
Prepare to pick your jaw on the floor.
Leave it to Korean filmmakers to bring us the most remarkable movies ever made. From rom-coms that will have you reminiscing about your own love story, to tearjerkers that are guaranteed to make you cry buckets-these creatives are always coming
We can’t get enough of this lead actress from 'Mine'!
Here at Cosmo, we're *huge* fans of the mysterious family-centric K-drama Mine, and there's no one we love more in it than actress Kim Seo Hyung who plays the elegant, powerful Jung Seo Hyun, first daughter-in-law
Mark your calendars!
K-culture fans, you know the drill: Once the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines (KCC) announces the dates for the Korean Film Festival, it's time to mark our calendars and set our alarms! Titled 2021 Korean Film Festival: Full
He is one charismatic actor that we can't stop raving about!
Honestly, who doesn't like Jo Jung Suk? He's a pro in acting, his natural charm is irresistible, and before we forget-his kind personality can win anyone's heart. We love him so much that after rounding
He's already booked for a movie for 2021!
Do Kyung Soo, aka EXO's D.O., is known not only as one of the best vocalists in the K-pop, but also as a multi-awarded actor for his outstanding performances in dramas and movies. Kyung Soo has played many
Get ready to scream your lungs out.
Ah, the land of South Korea-known for taking the world by storm through K-pop and K-dramas. The country is on a different level when it comes to delivering entertainment, and continues to evolve in doing so. Aside from the
There's a lot more to watch aside from 'Parasite' and 'Train to Busan'.
We've all heard of the internationally groundbreaking film that was Parasite last year. But while the film undoubtedly brought recognition to the South Korean film industry on a global stage, there's no denying that beyond Bong Joon Ho's masterpiece
No need to fly to Korea to visit these shooting locations!
Every time we watch Korean movies or dramas, one of the first things we think of is how we'd love to visit the places where they filmed our favorite scenes. Ever since the boom of the Hallyu industry, fans fly
In the best way, of course.
K-Dramas and Korean movies have the ability to get hearts racing with all their cute interactions, cheesy lines, and declarations of love, but some of them can leave you crushed, too. Some flicks from the land of Hallyu see characters stuck
The movie will hit local theaters this 2020!
The sequel to the 2016 South Korean zombie flick Train To Busan is finally hitting movie screens this 2020. The film, which is titled Peninsula, is set four years after the outbreak hit South Korea and will be featuring a new set
More films to get your heart pumping!
South Korean film Parasite has gotten lots of buzz lately, partly thanks to its Palme d'Or win at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival. The black-comedy thriller starts off simple enough, then progresses into something unnerving, the kind that will