'How can I not love them?'
Over the past few days, "Queen of All Media" Kris Aquino has been posting about her newfound love for K-Pop, specifically Korean superstar group BTS. The 46-year-old celebrity took to Instagram to express her fascination with the popular group
Commence fangirling.
OK so the American Music Awards red carpet is happening right now and I'm told all sorts of people are walking and wearing nice clothes and making inane chit-chat with E! News for the pre-show broadcast but none
They're looking TWICE as nice!
Thanks to our following on the ~interwebz~, we wouldn't have found out that another Pinay star of ours also has a Korean lookalike! Replying to our post about Liza Soberano and K-Pop idol Nancy McDonie sharing an uncanny resemblance, Twitter
Are we seeing double?!
Liza Soberano, whose faced has launched thousands of ~*likes and hearts*~, apparently has a Korean lookalike! Here's 17-year-old Nancy McDonie of the K-Pop girl group MOMOLAND. [via ILoveKStars] Riiight?!Apart from similar physical features-nose, eyes, and smile,
Their new song is called 'Becoming Prettier.'
As part of promotional efforts for their new single, "Becoming Prettier," all four members of the Korean girl group Six Bomb underwent extensive cosmetic surgery. They documented the procedures-and, most importantly it seems, the results-in two before/after music videos.
We'll miss you, oppa!
BIGBANG will be one member short as T.O.P. is scheduled to enter the army today. As the oldest member of the K-Pop boyband, T.O.P. will be enlisting in the military for a 21-month mandatory service in
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